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3-Emoji Review: Post-Caucus Lagers & Ice Cream

emoji review 2-2-16

The Social Lights liked our 3–Emoji Review so much that they wanted to sponsor and write the feature, and we happily obliged!

Lights + Lagers
Exciting news for NE MPLS! August Schell Brewery finalized the purchase of the Grain Belt Beer sign on Nicollet Island. They’ve got big plans to restore and relight the sign by the summer of 2017. Of course, any good brewery knows how to celebrate occasions like these, and Grain Belt did not disappoint. They quickly followed the news with the release of a new brew, Lock & Dam Lager, that will hit store shelves in April. Slow clap for not having a case of the Mondays.

Milkjam Creamery
Confession: we’re in an open relationship with the Twincy ice cream shops. Whether we’re crushing on the Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Pavoratti at Sebastian Joe’s, or getting our fix with the Coffee Break and Sea Salt Caramel at Izzy’s, we all scream for ice cream. But now, it’s complicated. The Milkjam Creamery opened in LynLake and seriously, this $#!+ is bananas.

Iowa Caucus
Yep, yesterday was Iowa Caucus Day. The Iowegians headed to the polls, kicking off the first vote for the 2016 presidential election cycle. Translation: It’s about to get real, with Bernie and Hillary in a dead heat and Cruz beating his polls and Trump. If you’re wondering why our friends south of the border got the privilege of voting first, we’ll just leave this little Iowa Nice video right here. P.S. It’s a Leap year, so not only do we get an extra day in February, we also get an extra day for political ad campaigns. Oh the joys of living in #Merica.

3-Emoji Review: Weekend Highlights Now + Tomorrow

Emoji Review 1-25-15

The Social Lights liked our 3–Emoji Review so much that they wanted to sponsor and write the feature, and we happily obliged!

#Current11 + Pajama Party
We’re not sure what we enjoyed more – Haley Bonar’s rad fluorescent glow-in-the-dark hula hoop skirt or drinking the special edition birthday beer from Grain Belt while watching Tommy Stinson perform behind the bar. And so much more. If you weren’t celebrating The Current’s 11th Birthday Party at First Ave, you were doing it wrong. Unless you were at Paisley Park. Prince hosted another 3-peat pajama party with two intimate performances of “Piano and a Microphone” followed by a singalong and almost a DJ battle. We can’t get enough of the Twincy music scene.

Making a Murderer Event
Still obsessing about Making A Murderer? The University of St. Thomas School of Law will host Making a Murderer | Brandan Dassey: True Story of a False Confession with Laura Nirider, the attorney for Brendan Dassey. She will be joined by a panel of legal and law enforcement panelists to weigh in on. Snag a ticket to the event on Monday February 22 from 5:30-8pm.

The Golden Game
We’ve got the match up, now who’s planning the party? Get ready for Super Bowl 50. The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will face off for footy footy football on Sunday, February 7th in Santa Clara, CA. We will spend the next two weeks preparing ourselves for apps on apps on apps. And ads on ads on ads. And Coldplay. And Bey.

3-Emoji Review: Pop Culture Catch Up

Emoji Review 1-18-15

The Social Lights liked our 3–Emoji Review so much that they wanted to sponsor and write the feature, and we happily obliged!

Crime meets comedy in the pun-filled cop show Angie Tribeca. This new parody is the brainchild of Steve and Nancy Carell casting Rashida Jones as Detective Angie Tribeca and her all-star squad Hayes MacArthur, Deon Cole, Jere Burns, and Andree Vermeulen. TBS is hosting a 25-hour Binge-A-Thon as we speak, so if you’re one of the lucky ones that has work off today, find someone with cable and catch an episode or two or the full 10.

Bye Week
Once upon a time, the Serial podcast was “one story told week by week.” Until Season 2. Now, new episodes will come out every other week instead of once per week. Why the hold up? More joicy intel. Don’t fret. In between new episodes there will be new posts and graphics on the Serial website. While you’re waiting for the release of the next episode, there’s always #MakingAMurderer.

Go forth and venture into the unknown. Peach is the latest social networking app to top Apple’s charts. Quickly after joining the world, the new app found out it’s a hard knock life trying to hang with the cool kids like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Peach hopes to stand out by tapping into the more abstract, emotional side of users. The main question is: Will it live or will it die? It’s still fuzzy.

3-Emoji Review: Bring Broad City Into VR, Please!

emoji review 1-8-16

The Social Lights liked our 3–Emoji Review so much that they wanted to sponsor and write the feature, and we happily obliged!

VR Headsets For Gamers
Remember when Facebook bought that virtual reality company called Oculus for some pocket change ($2 billion) last year? Hello Oculus Rift headsets. Goodbye 2016 budget. Zuck announced the headsets are available for pre-order for $599, which pissed off video gamers around the globe who weren’t expecting to dish out a second rent payment on virtual reality headsets this month.

Geeks On The Strip
Gizmos and gadgets are taking over Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). From $80,000 speakers to robot butlers, CES is where bottle service lives in the shadow of technology. For Minnesotans in The Fabulous, don’t forget to head to your nearest Sportsbook and put some money on the Vikings. For the rest of us stuck in Twincy this weekend, (snow) suit up and take shelter. It’s gonna be a cold one.

True story: we peed our pants a little bit when Comedy Central announced the renewal of Broad City for 2 more seasons. While we ‘re also huge fans of Amy Schumer (and happy her CC show Inside Amy Schumer was renewed for another season), nobody can pull off 30-minutes of basic bitch humor like Ilana and Abbi. The premiere of Broad City Season 3 is 40 days and some odd hours / minutes away, but WHO’S REALLY COUNTING?

Best 3-Emoji Reviews of 2015: May 22nd

Emoji Review 5-22-15

If we had to pick a single trend from 2015 it would have to be Lowertown, So Hot Right Now. What jumpstarted that trend? CHS Field aka the new Saints Stadium, which has been nothing but a success. We hope that pre- and post- parties become a trend for 2016.

New CHS Field Opens
Bill Murray on hand to christen the new cute little Saints ballpark and a Beer Dabbler craft beer corner? Sweet.

Savers Sued for Deception
Reports show the thrift store chain where you get your joke clothes costumes actually gives very little of the money they make to charities, so the MN Attorney General is suing them.

Soundset Before and After Parties
Most of the Soundset fun at just a fraction of the price and in town and there’s two of them? Why not just go to both?

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