Secrets of the City Studio Visit iPhone Wallpapers

We’ve been having a lot of fun with our Studio Visits, and thought “How else can we share these visits with our readers?”  So here’s our first installment of our “Wallpapers” series.

For this run we’ve picked some of the photos that will look pretty cool as a lock screen on an iPhone.  In the future we’ll also be doing desktop wallpapers, and maybe even some actual wallpaper for your home.

You can download all of this installment’s wallpapers as a single .zip file, or you can browse the wallpapers and download them individually here: (more…)

Slideshow Sunday: Studio Visit with Scott Nedrelow

Scott Nedrelow is a man of many mediums.¬† Along with making handcrafted iPad sleeves and cases camouflaged as books a product appropriately named “BOOK” and appropriately labeled with “this is not a book” — Nedrelow uses his art space to make prints, paintings, bound volumes… and sandwiches.¬† His Sandwich Bar for Peace, which is part deli and part art gallery, takes art as payment for food and displays the currency on its wall.¬† Nedrelow is also busily working on the compendium volume to Location Vol. 3, a show that features work from several artists.¬† The Location Vol. 3 opening show is November 10th at The Burnet Gallery at Chambers.

Slideshow Sunday: Studio Visit with Annie Lee Larson

The colorful world of Annie Lee Larson is nothing short of amazing.¬† She’s received world-wide attention for her knitwear goods, including her specialty: sweaters.

Larson runs an loin shop out of her studio and produces each garment by hand; the process entails knitting and assembling the pieces to produce each piece. She uses a Brother KH-950 Electroknit Knitting Machine that she can scan in her costume designs.¬† The scan cards, she points out are terribly tedious and fickle — Larson has to use a certain kind of pen that she found after trying dozens, she also can only buy the scan cards from a certain vendor overseas and they don’t come cheap.

Larson gave us a look into her process, and catches us up on the origins of her work, traveling to France, Cafetto and her favorite colors.