New World Order Stencils St. Anthony Main

HongPong snaps a bunch of pics of the street art/graffiti down around St. Anthony Main and the riverside.  It’s a good reminder to not submit to the new world order.

Fashion SCVNGR Hunt With L’etoile and the MIA

L’etoile has created a fashion-themed, city-wide scavenger hunt which will culminate at the MIA’s Third Thursday with MNfashion this week. The hunt uses SCVNGR, a free app for iPhone and Android users that sends you on a goose chase around town, performing challenges at participating locations and earning points toward your final score. The competition is ongoing, now until the event on Thursday, November 18, where the winner gets an iPad.

Runner Runner Gallery Puts On Their Second Show

Brian Lesteberg and James Holmberg will be featured at next Thursday’s Runner Runner Gallery showing. The gallery is actually a new art space that is run out of the Runner Runner Production studio.  From their write-up at Cool Hunting:

“It’s not surprising that it would start here,” says Ian Bearce, executive producer at Runner Runner. “When we’re not in the office, we’re DJing, playing in touring bands, painting, making films. We’re thrilled to find another way to participate in the local scene.”

Give to the Max and Support MN Non-Profits

If you’ve ever even thought about donating to a non-profit, today’s the day to do it: GiveMN’s Give to the Max Day will give your donation recipient the chance to receive matching funds from corporate donors and other orgs.

Last week we asked for suggestions for one or two of the many non-profits to donate to, and we heard some great ones: the Urban Arts Academy, Person to Person, Open Arms Minnesota, Second Harvest Heartland, MN Women of Today, MN Youth Symphonies, Union Gospel Mission, Camp Fire USA Minnesota Council, and of course the American Lung Association.

And because today’s Give to the Max Day is pretty much a full blown holiday, there’s a ton of events happening around today’s donation festivities.  You can see many of them at the #gtmd2010 hashtag.

The Uptake is also doing a live telethon, hosted by Dr. Garry, aka master thespian Charles Olsen:


The Dog & Pony Show – Minneapolis AdFed Advertising Awards Show

The award show for all Minneapolis Advertising firms and campaigns was held Friday night. Super fun looking photos surfaced from Adfed’s Dog and Pony Show at Target Field.