If the lines of people still trying to get food when Little Mekong Night Market was already closed taught us anything it’s that we’re totally right that we need late night outdoor food markets in every neighborhood in the summer, let’s get on this ASAP

We can pitch them as "food halls" since everyone thinks those are good ideas now

Throwing electric scooters into garbages is very on brand for St. Easy, home to people filing lawsuits to make garbage collection more difficult for everyone

Hottest parties of the week just became World Cup watching on Sunday morning, better find your watch spot and start lining up

Here’s your weekend reminder that you can’t get anywhere because every road is closed or has a detour so just ride your bike

“srsly CANNOT wait to see who plays Tomi Lahren at drag brunch *at Union* this weekend”

That's now our most popular tweet of all-time and we couldn't be more proud!

The Current’s Essential 893 Songs is classic trolling

Seriously, kudos to the station for getting so many people to hate listen to more filler banter than songs—all during pledge week! It's a legit accomplishment.

The new Electric Fetus-edition tiny Lego lady and her Lego record collection are great, the First Avenue Lego kit is great—now we need a mini-Lego kit for like the Chef Shack Food Truck and the 10,000 piece Weisman Art Museum and the Secrets of the City Lego newsletter and . . .

The only good April’s Fools prank we saw was The Current announcing a stream dedicated to Prince’s legacy called Purple Current but it turned out to be real


The MN Zoo reminds us all that “The Zoo is a smoke free facility, and that includes all types of smoke” esp for their Adult Night at the Zoo that happens to be on 420


We tried the pizza at Surly’s new upstairs pizzeria and our review is: believe the hype

Plus there's a bunch of wild flavors, which is a bonus

We want to get a replica of the Uptown VFW Championship Belt that debuted at wrestling last night

Just to wear around to shows and stuff.