On Our Radar

Still More Events For This Action-Packed Weekend Somehow

It was a huge bummer to hear that metal scenester and guitar impresario Sean Tobin of Aziza passed away; help raise funds in his name at a benefit that features a bunch of great bands at The Nomad. FRI. 6… Continue Reading →

More Weekend Happenings: Friday the 13th Tattoos! Bad Weather . . . Beer! Jamaican Dance Hall!

7th Street Tattoo in St. Easy hosts a flash Friday the 13th sale for small to large tattoo designs. FRI. [INFO] Bad Weather Brewing releases a new Green Sky IIPA with “intense, resinous Minnesota Zeus” and a nearly prohibitive 9%… Continue Reading →

A Few Art Recs

Emmett Ramstad:::Laying in Wait Another intriguing show at Hair + Nails, Emmett Ramstad examines what it’s like to wait by transforming the gallery into a waiting room. Friday, 6 PM.  Hair and Nails, 2222 1/2 E 35th St, MPLS; UHN-URTH 8… Continue Reading →

More Weekend Happenings

Planet K is a pizza party co-hosted by Radio K and Galactic Pizza and nothing sounds more fun to us. FRI. Free. [INFO] It’s MN Leather Pride Weekend and you can meet the contestants, enjoy a Whips 201 course, hear… Continue Reading →

On Our Radar for April

We don’t have a comprehensive calendar of events because you’re not going to everything anyway. But we’re trying to get better—per your many requests—at giving Readers more heads up on upcoming events that we think are cool. So here’s a… Continue Reading →

Thursday Picks: Do Some Good at Some Good Events

Tips for Noodles & Billy If you love living in a city with a vibrant arts and culture scene, support the people who help make it happen in a big way. Billy Morrisette, who you definitely either know as a… Continue Reading →