Tues // Pilsener & Vienna Lager Beer Release Party

(Movie trailer voice) In a world . . . dominated by IPAs and infusions . . . one brewery goes in a different direction . . . LAGERS and PILS. Try out the long-developing Pravy Pilsener—a true Czech style Pilsener—and… Continue Reading →

Weds // Black Rock Matters: Queer Edition

Black rock matters, Queer rock matters, and for PRIDE week Tim Dooley again fills up the Turf Club on Wednesday with a special lineup of bands featuring queer POCs. The celebration includes Dooley’s own full speed, crunchy self-explanatory rock group… Continue Reading →

Weds // Potty Mouth + Colleen Green + Justus Proffit

With an almost “throwback” sound to the beautifully crafted catchy pop-rock of the likes of Liz Phair and Blink-182—and dare we say the newly re-appreciated Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack among the punk crowd?— Potty Mouth are blazing the next… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Daikaiju Attacks Palmers Bar!

Watch out!! Surf-rock inspired by giant Japanese monster (kaiju) films might not sound like the soundtrack to a crazy party, but Daikaiju and their fans really do attack their venues like Rodan—the band of strange prog beasts perform in kabuki… Continue Reading →

Weds // Preview Party: Brad Kahlhamer + A Nation of One

The M rightly celebrates their newest exhibition, A Nation of One, a big “get” as the first ever exhibition in the upper Midwest from New York-based multimedia artist Brad Kahlhamer. To welcome the ambitious survey show—which is full of large-scale… Continue Reading →

Movies Monday—Read the Newsletter

Week after week, we say that we’re living in a golden age of film here in MPLS + STPL. New and exciting indie films! Bloody double features! Throwback flicks basically every single day! So we’re going to try to do a weekly round-up of just some of the movies.

More Weekend Happenings: June 14th-17th

Don’t forget Stone Arch Festival this weekend! The super fun festival has a bunch of local music all along the waterfront and more importantly a bunch of really good art vendors — INFO The annual Rebel Rebel RFP Bowie tribute… Continue Reading →