Here’s what we’re recommending you go to this week!

Sat // A Monster Anthology: New work by Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison, Museum Arts Educator at the Walker, debuts his own exhibition A Monster Anthology at the always-excellent soovac this weekend. The collection draws on mythological narratives from Western literary canons as well as African, South American, and Native American… Continue Reading →

Sat // Flip Phone XXL’s Short Shorts Party

Flip Phone pays homage to summer and the era of short shorts this weekend, playing the likes of Britney, TLC, Destiny’s Child and other artists whose heyday spanned 1997 to 2007. Doses of today’s top hits are promised too, with… Continue Reading →

Sat // Laborial Day

It just makes sense to combine bar trivia with a bar crawl, and it makes even more sense the fact-filled dudes at Trivia Mafia do such a celebration annually. The concocted Laborial Day falls in-between Labor Day and Memorial Day… Continue Reading →

In Cahoots!

We’ve kept an eye on the ‘grams of breweries (and distillery!) participating in this Sunday’s In Cahoots collaboration competition, and the outcome is starting to look as deliciously wild as the State Fair’s new beer lineup. Some collabs are staying… Continue Reading →

Friday // Hewing Hotel + Fulton Brewery present International Beer Day Rooftop Party

The Hewing Hotel is celebrating International Beer Day (of course that’s a thing) with a tap takeover from downtown-neighbor Fulton Brewery, hosted on their newly open-to-all rooftop. There’s no cost to join, but purchase a ticket and your first beer… Continue Reading →

Weds // Deafheaven + Drab Majesty + Uniform

Hipster metal gets a bad rap outside of indie music blogs, but there’s a few bands with such sound and fury that even the most traditional metal heads have to show some respect. Deafheaven is the poster child for that… Continue Reading →

Starship Troopers

Aw jeez. Is it over already? There’s going to be a ice pick-sized hole in our hearts when the Trylon’s Paul Verhoeven in Exile: the Hollywood Years series finally wraps its final showing on Tuesday night with the last two available times… Continue Reading →

Weds // Tanya Solomon: Truth Assassin

An absolutely perfect fit for the Bryant Lake Bowl cabaret space, big time NYC magician Tanya Solomon’s act mixes startling effects like live fish appearing from nowhere, blindfolded targeting with a knife, baffling sleight of hand, and a dark thread of… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Magazine Release: Mizna—The Playing Field

Mizna, the wonderful locally grown journal of Arab American arts and culture, celebrates its newest volume with a get together at Subtext Books in St. Peazy on Thursday. And to help give extra insight into the sports and social justice-themed… Continue Reading →

What To Do In Case Of Dinosaur Attack

If local monster science resource Reverend Matt is monster-y enough for Guillermo del Toro, he’s monster-y enough for us, and we wouldn’t trust anyone else to give us survival tips for an actual dinosaur attack. (Hey, make enough Jurassic World… Continue Reading →

Weds // Reading: Michael Andersen + We Are The Clash

“The only band that matters!” It may have been an early promotional slogan, but through their anti-establishment messaging and pioneering music, it became true for the one and only The Clash. Hear author Michael Andersen as he guides you through… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Flight Night Drone Racing

It’s back! The high-intensity futuristic racing—where little drones whip around obstacles like a speeder scene out of Star Wars and the view from the crafts’ cameras are streamed to the audience—is turning tap rooms and audiences in attendance into cool… Continue Reading →