Lightnin’ Joe Peterson

lightenin joe

It warms our cold, cynical, musical hearts whenever we see someone step up to carry the torch of original rock ‘n’ roll, and that’s exactly what Lightnin’ Joe Peterson will be doing tonight. Swing into the beautiful riverfront Aster Cafe to check out the brand new tunes from the touring multi-instrumentalist as Lightnin’ Joe and Co. prep them for a forthcoming EP. 8 PM. $5.Paul Cajun

Aster Cafe, 125 Mainstreet SE, MPLS;

Twin Cities Psychotronic Film Society’s Choice Movie At Grumpy’s

secret film

Tonight’s screening at Grumpy’s from the B-movie madmen at Twin Cities Psychotrons is less of a mystery than a toss up, less of a try and figure it out teaser than a hey what do we feel like showing. Either way, the schlocky film they show tonight will be nothing you’ve seen before, something you’ll want to see (just look at that dang photo), and something will trot out for your insane movie cred in the future. 9 PM. Free.Curt Stanski

Grumpy’s Bar & Grill, 1111 Washington Ave S, MPLS;

Hastings 3000 Invasive Species Album + Video Release Party

invasive species

On the long, long list of cool local solo projects out there, the psychedelic surf punk gas mask-clad Hastings 3000 persona of Joe Hastings sits very near the top. On his previous releases, The Sex Rays guitarist and vocalist has mixes up the perfect blend of theatricality and fast-paced riffs—plus dashes of sexiness and general weirdness—and from what we’ve seen for this weekend’s party for the brand new Invasive Species album and video, expect all the above (especially the amazing rock riffage) plus a new healthy dose of intrigue. Friday, 9:30 PM. Paul Cajun

Bryant Lake Theater, 810 W Lake St, MPLS;

Dark Energy / Dec / Special Guest: Kurt Harland (Information Society)

dark energy

The Dark Energy dance nights are always notable for any fans of goth/darkwave, but even regulars had to be a bit surprised when December’s special guest was announced—experimental pop icon and video game soundtrack guru Kurt Harland of Information Society, who you definitely know from “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)”. And not stopping there, Dark Energy will also feature Abbie Gobeli of the very excellent Seattle radio station KEXP, an art booth popup by Rachel Girard, visuals by Endif, and set by Illuminaté Steele. Saturday, 10 PM. $5.Margeaux Devereaux

Kitty Cat Klub, 313 14th Ave SE, MPLS;

Noches de Teatro Para Puerto Rico


The hurricane relief situation in Puerto Rico is still in full swing, and the Twincy Arts & Culture scene continues to help raise awareness and money. Do your (continuing) part this weekend with two top-notch hometown storytellers, who are also Puerto Rican artists, at the two-part Noches de Teatro Para Puerto Rico at Strike Theater. You’ll be treated to Beliza Torres Narvaez’s “Resabios de Amargura or that bitter cabaret”, a campy mix of song of comedy, and Javier Morillo’s “Broken English, Mother Tongue”, a collection of personal stories of growing up that was a Fringe Fest Audience Favorite in 2016. Friday, Saturday, 7 PM. $20.Tracy Oxford

Strike Theater, 824 18th Ave NE, MPLS;