Busy Arts Weekend


It’s worth repeating again and again that Twincy has one of the best art scenes in the country—maybe not as warm as Art Basel, but whatever—and the handful of incredible shows with receptions this weekend proves it.

Four Lost Souls: A Solo Exhibition Featuring Jon Langford
Artist and musician Jon Langford makes work that’s rich spellbinding work with a Western bent and a tinge of darkness—a perfect fit to be on display in the lush interior of Rogue Buddha gallery. Friday, 6 PM. Free.

Rogue Buddha Gallery, 357 13th Ave NE, MPLS;

Twilight Reveries: Paintings by Nicholas Harper
While Langford shows at Nicholas Harper‘s Rogue Buddha gallery, celebrated MPLS painter Harper is himself showing his dark and dream-like works at Gallery 360. How’s that for an awesome art scene?  Saturday, 7 PM. Free.

Gallery 360, 3011 W 50th St, MPLS;

C.L. Martin : Muse Obscura
Martin’s work makes for an easy comparison to a MPLS version of Tom of Finland—his drawings and paintings turns a flirtatious eye to male dancers, actors, fashion models and drag queens, while also giving his subjects a complexity and depth. The artists has also exhibited internationally, so it will be very cool to see his work closer to home. Friday, 5 PM. Free.

Corner Store Gallery NE, 501 22nd Ave NE, MPLS;

Athena’s Armor: Meditations On Shielding
One of the more (deservedly) hyped shows of the weekend, Kathryn Nobbe‘s 2-D and 3-D mixed media artwork continues her work crossing high tech tools and traditional materials. Athena’s Armor goes a step farther and fashions beautiful contemporary amor-inspired pieces informed by intersections of her life experiences. Saturday, 6-9 PM. Free. 

Form+Content Gallery, 210 N 2nd St, MPLS;

From This Day Forward: Marriage and Miscarriage
All of the preview images we’ve seen for Carrie Thomspon‘s solo exhibition—a show that crosses her personal perspectives of roots, rootlessness, and restlessness with a focus on being grounded, getting married, and having a family—have been very powerful, and we can’t wait to see her video and physical installation at Truckstop. Saturday, 5 PM. Free. 

Truckstop, 20 Grove Street #72, Nicollet Island, MPLS;

New Kids On Tap

new kids on tap

Oh wow, that’s how you do a show flier! New Kids has it all: top notch flier, top notch comedy, top notch beer. The tap room at Sisyphus Brewing has become one of the go-to spots for up-and-coming stand-up comedy in MPLS + STPL, and host Corey Adam kicks off a brand new monthly showcase with six new comics taking the stage at the brewery. Wednesday, 8 PM. $5. —Peter Armenian

Trylon, 2820 E 33rd St , MPLS;

A-List Only: Charade


Celebrate the absolute best in cinema all January-long with The Trylon’s incredible new series The A-List, which is already underway with Charade. The Audrey Hepburn and Walter Matthau romantic-comedy is a masterpiece of bright 60s film-making, from the running jokes to the to-die-for fashion. The rest of the series includes heavy hitters like La Dolce Vita, Clue, Mulholland Drive, Dr. Strangelove, and more. Note: If you have a screening you’re interested in, get those tickets early. Tuesday, 7 & 9 PM. $8.Curt Stanski

Trylon, 2820 E 33rd St , MPLS;

Spit Shade: Official MPLS Tattoo Arts Convention Opener

Star Wars Banner

To help kick off the big deal MPLS Tattoo Arts Convention in style, Gamut gallery hosts a giant exhibit of local and national tattoo artists curated by Lindsee Boyer of Bee Ink and Nate Vincent Szklarski, Spit Shade. (Btw, we’re big fans of Nate’s instagram @natevsftw, tattoo fans will want to follow him for sure). Stop in to Gamut on Thursday night to see the artistic talents of the many inkers on display, plus hear the sounds of DJ No Pants, who will be playing music of 60s and 70s bands and hip-hop hits from the 90s. The opening party is $5, but the exhibit runs through January 20th and is free. Thursday, 7 PM. $5. —Alexis Tenneson

Gamut Gallery, 717 S 10th Street, MPLS;

Scrunchies Debut Show


We give this one our top pick for the week and thus a little trophy! It sounds almost too good to be true: Members of local powerhouse bands including punks Kitten Forever, next gen Riot Grrrls Bruise Violet, garage poppers Tony Peachka, and more have come together to form a super group of sorts, and they’re playing a debut show with France Camp, Secrets fav Devata Daun, and Sauna. We look forward to telling people a year or five from now, “Yeah, we went to the first ever Scrunchies show, it was amazing.” 7:30 PM. $8 advance, $10 door. —Hank Stacks

First Avenue, 701 1st Ave N, MPLS;