Here’s what we’re recommending you go to this week!

Thurs // Gift Horse: A Late Night Bittercube Pop-Up

If you’re looking for an excuse to check of the restaurant’s bar during these creative cocktail nights at the corner of Lyn-Lake, the final Gift Horse team-up between Bittercube and Hasty—and this week Gamle Ode aquavidt—will do just nicely. The… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Finesse + Strange Relations + c.Kostra

When Patrick Donohoe and Jeff Cornell of Finesse say they’re a band inspired by 1982, it’s much more than just a call back to the year or even the whole of the early ’80s vibe. It’s much more than that:… Continue Reading →

Thurs // In Which _______ and Others Discover the End Book Release Party

To celebrate the release of their well received installation/performance from 2015 as a published screenplay piece In Which _______ and Others Discover the End, playwright Rachel Jendrzejewski and PoMo troupe SuperGroup will bring in many local luminaries—Hannah Kramer, Megan Mayer,… Continue Reading →

Tues // Reading: Alexandra Tweten + Bye Felipe: Disses, Dick Pics, and Other Delights of Modern Dating

If you need to have a productive work day, do not check out the Bye Felipe instagram page because you will end up spending half a day going through all the screen captures of wildly inappropriate and unfortunately all-too-typical txt… Continue Reading →

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

Despite the thousands of people who were involved in some way, the back room operation that affable Scotty Bowers ran was so secretive that it was only until his 2012 memoir Full Service that the public knew of his work providing… Continue Reading →

Tues // Pretty in Pink Champagne Party

We know that it’s a long-ass drive out to Woodbury—and even further back after a movie party—but we keep recommending these Alamo screenings because they’re spot on! Relive your teenage heartache with Molly Ringwald and Duckie (so great to see… Continue Reading →

Field Report: Community Acupuncture at NE Wellness

Touring the Twin Towns with an out-of-towner, our tour-ee asked us why there were so many tattoo shops and acupuncture spots in MPLS + STPL. If you look at the arms, legs, and knuckles of many Twincy residents, the tattoo… Continue Reading →

Sun // Black Pumas + Lady Midnight + Proper-T

If you’re looking for a no filler all killer soundtrack for your weekend, we strongly recommend Austin’s psychedelic soul rockers Black Puma. The mix all the mojo of modern soul bands like The Heavy with an unmistakable Texas bite, and… Continue Reading →

Fri // Reading: Lezlie Lowe + No Place to Go

It’s apparently public bathrooms week here in Twincy, and we couldn’t be any happier! Coincidentally following the Common Room tour of commodes, Canadian teacher and writer Lezlie Lowe discusses her book No Place to Go on public restrooms and will discuss the… Continue Reading →

Sun // Open Streets Franklin

The Franklin Ave edition of Open Streets has an overstuffed selection of sights and sounds (and even snacks—the Native American Community Development Institute has a native food court in the works), stretched out between Portland Ave and 28th Ave. Those… Continue Reading →

Sun // Bring It On

The new Alamo Draft House keeps their streak of fun film viewings going again this week with Bring It On, a deeply personal movie for many people who were—and weren’t—cheerleaders (but if you were, this was likely a big reason… Continue Reading →

Sat // Intermedia Arts Building Farewell Event and Celebration

Help mark the end of an era for yourself and many of the people involved in Intermedia Arts when they officially say goodbye to their locally iconic Lyn-Lake building. Along with DJ Chamun and the snacks, expect many recounts of… Continue Reading →