Grumpy’s NE 20th Anniversary Week

Grumpys Northeast

When the Triple Rock closed it really made everyone take a step back and say, “Hey, we have to appreciate and visit these special little places that give us our cool factor”. There’s no better time or sentiment to visit Grumpy’s Northeast during their 20th Anniversary festivities, which still ramp up through the week. We’re particularly pumped for Weds with all the Surly and the incomparable music scene stalwarts Tony Zaccardi and Billy Morrisette sharing DJ duties, but Thurs is Fair State night, Friday is Fulton and they’ll even have meatloaf burgers from the food truck. All week. Free.Taylor Carik

Grumpy’s Northeast, 2200 NE 4th St, MPLS;

Xtreme Theater Smackdown

theatre unbound

If you think it takes more than 24 hrs to do a good stage show . . . well, in some cases you’re right. But seeing whether the 40+ female (and some male) theatre artists competing in Theatre Unbound’s Xtreme Theater Smackdown can come up with big wins or whiffs in their 6 new short plays after just one day of writing and rehearsing is part of thrill of the event. This year’s Smackdown also features a special ingredient in contributions from Wendy Knox from Frank Theatre, Rhiana Yazzie from New Native Theatre, Sarah Rasmussen from Jungle Theater, and other big local names in the theater scene, making it Must Attend for adventurous fans of conventional theater. Saturday, 8 PM. $22, $18 with Fringe button.Hitara

SteppingStone Theatre, 55 North Victoria Street, STPL;

Zorongo Majas: In and Out of the Box


Speaking of heat . . . Zorongo Majas gives you a great reason to go check out the new Art Box performance space run by Off Lease Area that opens this weekend—a night of flamenco! In and Out of the Box features seven original and personal Spanish dance pieces from Zorongo Majas dancers who will spin and stomp throughout the small space (small enough that you’ll want to grab tickets ahead of time, too.) Saturday, 5 & 8 PM. $15. —Margeaux Devereaux 

Off-Leash Art Box, 4200 East 54th Street, MPLS;

Stolyette & Har-di-Har With Under Violet + Tekk Nikk


Regular Readers know we’re big fans Stolyette, a performance project that reworks traditional Russian folk songs into emotional soundscapes full of click-pop percussion, heavy effects on the bass line, and singer Irene Ruderman Clark’s gripping vocals. And that we’re big fans of electronic composer and performer Nikki Pfeifer, who goes by Devata Daun and the new moniker Tekk Nikk when she’s doing more live electronic techno compositions. So we’re already into this show. But then add in the orchestral art pop of Har-di-har, more music from Under Violet and even a performance from Aerialist Lynn Sabin Lunny, and then also end on a collab between Har-di-har and Stolyette? That’s a recipe for our trophy show of the week right there. Friday, 7 PM. $10 advance, $15 show.Hank Stacks

Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave S, MPLS;

Drawing Ghosts

Drawing Ghosts

For their second show, the fledgling Lacuna gallery off of 38th and Chicago exhibits the intriguing work of Bailey Arend. In Drawing Ghosts, Arend connects the body to tools to ecology in both figurative ways and literal ways—at 7 PM on Friday for the reception you can see happening with a very cool “Arrow Drawing Performance”. Guest sculptor Erin Ethridge will also have work in the space and you can also help jumpstart Lacuna by picking up one of their t-shirts. Plus hear from both artists at their coffee talk the following day at 4 PM. Friday, 7 PM. Free.Tracy Oxford

Lacuna Gallery, 3730 Chicago Avenue, Studio A, MPLS;