Here’s what we’re recommending you go to this week!

Starship Troopers

Aw jeez. Is it over already? There’s going to be a ice pick-sized hole in our hearts when the Trylon’s Paul Verhoeven in Exile: the Hollywood Years series finally wraps its final showing on Tuesday night with the last two available times… Continue Reading →

Weds // Tanya Solomon: Truth Assassin

An absolutely perfect fit for the Bryant Lake Bowl cabaret space, big time NYC magician Tanya Solomon’s act mixes startling effects like live fish appearing from nowhere, blindfolded targeting with a knife, baffling sleight of hand, and a dark thread of… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Magazine Release: Mizna—The Playing Field

Mizna, the wonderful locally grown journal of Arab American arts and culture, celebrates its newest volume with a get together at Subtext Books in St. Peazy on Thursday. And to help give extra insight into the sports and social justice-themed… Continue Reading →

What To Do In Case Of Dinosaur Attack

If local monster science resource Reverend Matt is monster-y enough for Guillermo del Toro, he’s monster-y enough for us, and we wouldn’t trust anyone else to give us survival tips for an actual dinosaur attack. (Hey, make enough Jurassic World… Continue Reading →

Weds // Reading: Michael Andersen + We Are The Clash

“The only band that matters!” It may have been an early promotional slogan, but through their anti-establishment messaging and pioneering music, it became true for the one and only The Clash. Hear author Michael Andersen as he guides you through… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Flight Night Drone Racing

It’s back! The high-intensity futuristic racing—where little drones whip around obstacles like a speeder scene out of Star Wars and the view from the crafts’ cameras are streamed to the audience—is turning tap rooms and audiences in attendance into cool… Continue Reading →

Sat // Atmosphere SCBY Meet & Greet + Coloring

It was waaay back in 2007 that Slug and Ant of Atmosphere released their Sad Clown tapes—long before they turned into Dadmospheres who like to Atmosfish—and to celebrate the groundbreaking series Rhymesayers put together a fun package that includes 20… Continue Reading →

Fri + Sat // Palmfest

As much as Palmer’s has been a longtime staple of the West Bank, live music has been a big part of the bar’s small stage and equally cozy patio. And now that band- and bar-man Tony Zaccardi owns the “Sorry,… Continue Reading →

Sat // Klituation 2nd Anniversary

How has it already been two years?! We still remember when the Klituation—the all-female dance night produced by the intrepid DJ Keezy—first hit the scene at First Avenue and hit it hard. To celebrate the second anniversary of one of… Continue Reading →

Iranian Film Fest

While the MSP Film Society has brought a vast range of international films to our riverside theater, this is the first time they’ve devoted an entire series to Iranian film. Planned in partnership with the Iranian Culture House, the series… Continue Reading →

Fri // Johnny Rey & The Reaction + Little Man + The Carnegies

Having jumped back in the rock ‘n’ roll saddle after a long hiatus from his Johnny Heyday that ran from the legendary Longhorn Slim days with Flamingo and Flaming Oh’s to playing with The Reaction as openers for everyone from… Continue Reading →

Sat // Greenway Glow

Greenway Glow, this Sat’s fundraiser for the Midtown Greenway, promises a very pretty evening ride, with illuminated art (and plenty of snacks and beer) stretching from Humboldt Ave to the Vine Arts Center on Seward. The variety of participating artists… Continue Reading →