The Defenders at the Trylon


Whether it be songs we sing in the car or bad movies we’ve seen a million times, we all have our guilty pleasures. At the brand new monthly film series at The Trylon Cinema aptly entiled The Defenders, a local personality will host a secret film selection and defends his or her choice. From Star Tribune Film critics to video journalists, the host screens the flick and then shares their own connection to it, which will surely include the host’s unique repertoire of film knowledge and expertise. Tonight Walker Art Center Film/Video Associate Curator Dean Otto kicks off the series. Films start at 7pm; Tickets are $8, Cash-only. For more information visit

Transmission: Fear of Music


Give your batteries a mid-week recharge with a night of music and mingling at Club Jager. DJ Jake Rudh has been on a curatorial kick lately, digging through his vast collection of CDs and paying homage to new wave groups of vast importance and dance-ability. This week’s programming follows that trend and, contrary to the title, “Fear of Music: A Tribute to the Talking Heads” will fully embrace tunes from the Talking Heads discography that will keep the crowd at Club Jager moving and grooving. The event is free, music starts at 10pm. For more information, visit the Transmission facebook page.

Bob Mould at the Dakota


A DIY artist with a 30-year career, Bob Mould has seen and heard it all. As a person, he struggled with dysfunction, toxic personal relationships, and sexual identification. As a drug user, he struggled with booze and narcotics. And of course, as a musician, Mold helped pave the way for the an entire generation of alt-rockers through his pioneering guitar and vocal work with Husker Du, Sugar, and his solo projects. Tonight, Mould will take the small stage at the Dakota Jazz Club as a part of his “See A Little Light: An Evening of Reading and Music” tour where he’ll share via readings from his autobiography some of what he’s seen and heard, intermixed with solo acoustic performances. Mould performs at the Dakota at 7 p.m. For more information visit

Rockstar Storytellers: Word Ninjas

word ninjas

Tonight at Kieran’s Irish Pub the personalities behind Rockstar Storytellers host an open mic night for any “word ninjas” who want to spring out of hiding and try out their own storytelling fighting styles. Material at the event often draws from personal lives, awkward moments, and lessons learned, and the performers at Rockstar Storytellers have been know to unabashedly breech any topic, mundane or otherwise. Newbie tale-tellers will have the opportunity to start crafting their own unique stand-up, poetry, and improv comedy. The action begins at 8:30pm; for more information visit

The Melvins Residency at Grumpy’s


If you couldn’t make it the first night of the Melvins’s two night residency at Grumpy’s downtown on Tuesday, you still have another chance to see the heavy rock pioneers tonight. For the last 25+ years, King Buzzo and his signature mop have been making hefty and quirky music that has placed the band as the frontrunners of the Northwest grunge scene and tops on many lists of “must see” rock and metal groups. So you better hurry to buy tickets — entry to the small space of Grumpy’s will last as long as your hearing without earplugs. They’ll be performing 2 sets per night, starting at 10pm. Tickets are $20 and available online. More information available on Facebook.