Here’s what we’re recommending you go to this week!

Fri // David Huckfelt (of The Pines) & The Unarmed Forces “Stranger Angels” Live Listening Event & Pre-Release

With scarcely two months under its re-upholstered, renovated belt, the Parkway Theater is already boasting a chock-full schedule, and our ears are fully pricked to this Friday’s gig. David Huckfelt of the Pines is scheduled to perform a preview of… Continue Reading →

Fri // The Mads are Back Live with Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu

On the one hand, the rebooted and less funny version of MST3K with new host Jonah at their live show on an anniversary tour that, to be fair, also includes original host Joel Robinson (and of course the Bots) at the… Continue Reading →

19th Annual Sound Unseen Music/Film/Art Festival

Yes! It’s back! One of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals” in the world takes over local cinemas (and a hotel bar and cabaret and Uptown VFW) with their can’t-miss line-up of films about music, plus parties and meet-ups. Where to… Continue Reading →

Fri // Photo Exhibition: The Portrait

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good portrait can pack a person’s personality or attitude or even lifetime into a single frame. And the best ones include all of that in more in captivating images, just… Continue Reading →

More Weekend Slap-ennings

We couldn’t be more excited to hear Mechella Yezernitskaya of Bryn Mawr College give her talk A Slap in the Face of Public Taste-Art of Russian Avant Garde at TMORA. [TIX] There’s a huge party happening for the release of… Continue Reading →

Sat // G’Morning, G’Afternoon and G’Night: A Town Hall Brewery Food Journey Spanning Breakfast to Dessert.

We like to high-tail to Town Hall Brewery when their special beer weeks roll around (Barrel-Aged Week always has us whisking out our steins), so we’re anticipating a deliciously executed event this Saturday. To celebrate the debut of their bourbon… Continue Reading →

Fri // Decades Collide: 80s Vs 90s feat. Biz Markie

Automatic Biz Markie inclusion! The age-old discussion of which decade, ’80s or ’90s, was better will finally be settled on Friday at the Varsity when Otto von returns to town to spin his favorite tracks and master the night’s ceremony… Continue Reading →

Sat // Insight’s 4th Annual Trip Around the Sun

Where does the time go—one day you’re happily sipping a Hell Chicken and the next thing you know four years (and many more Chickens, and trolls, and dragons, and crazy aunts) have gone by and baby brewery has grown into… Continue Reading →

Weds + Thurs // The Beatles The White Album Live

The Shabby Road Orchestra collective of MPLS musicians follow up their live full performances of Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with lengthy Beatles classic The Beatles, better known to everyone as the iconic The White Album. The two previous… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Brooklyn Sound: Swamp Dogg, Mmyykk & Har Mar Superstar (DJ set)

Our write-up will not do any just to the past 50 years of Jerry Williams, Jr. challenging the conventions of commercial R&B as Swamp Dogg—but at the very least know this quintessential outsider figure in American music not only has… Continue Reading →

Third Thursday: Egypt’s Sunken Cities

We routinely include Mia’s Third Thursday parties—they do a good job with their live music selections, keep the lines moving at their drink stands, and have a great Scene + Be Seen™ vibe to each and every one. But this… Continue Reading →

Weds // Reading: Julie Carr + Real Life: An Installation

Along with reading selections from her new, rich and lyrically intense book, Real Life: An Installation, award-winning poet and big literary deal Julie Carr will also also interact with video collaborations from at Rosalux on Wednesday. The project features 36… Continue Reading →