Winsome Flagship Launch


Since we interviewed one of the area’s rising fashion moguls, Kathryn Sieve of Winsome Goods, on our podcast last season, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the official opening of the Winsome flagship studio (while also enjoying their vintage Air Stream mobile studio). Well, the wait is over. Visit the new space tonight for the launch party, see the clothing crafted all in house, and have a drink while you mingle. 6-9 PM. Free.Tracy Oxford

Winsome Goods, 201 6th St. SE #2, MPLS;

Book Launch Party for the Not-Quite States of America

not quite united states

A Dark & Stormy and “getting lost in the mountains of Puerto Rico and ghost stories from the Northern Mariana Islands” is exactly what history fans need mid-Febraury. More festive and fun than a regular ol’ reading, tonight’s launch party at honey for Doug Mack‘s Not-Quite States of America, includes tropical drinks, a trivia challenge, and real-life stories of the US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam, and other territories. 7 PM. Free.Tracy Oxford

honey, 205 Hennepin Ave E, MPLS;

Mizna’s Environment Issue + Northern’s AAA


The MPLS + STPL-based Arab American Journal Mizna celebrates the release of its Environment issue by teaming up with Northern (the org behind Northern Spark) to host an arts party of readings and discussion. The atmosphere of event will be set by the issue’s guest editor, internationally-celebrated nature writer, agrarian activist, and ethnobiologist, Gary Paul Nabhan, and the get-together features video and poetry installations, readings from local authors, and the discussion by Northern’s AAA: Anthropocene Awareness Association climate change club. 7-9 PM. Free.R. John Smith

Studio Z, 275 East Fourth Street Suite 200, Saint Paul;

A Few More Thursday Happenings: Feb 23rd

b side release tour

Indeed Brewing takes over The Current’s party van to tour nine different release parties for the brewery’s B-Side Pils throughout Twincy (that’s so many parties that it goes tomorrow, too). Win tickets to the new Guillermo del Toro show at Mia when you bring an album in to Fulton’s tap room for their Record on Draft party. Join artists and curators at Intermedia Arts for opening of this new interactive visual arts exhibition with people, photography, film, and the written word, FOrmerly poOR Folx. It’s opening night of the weekly screenings of the MN Cuban Film Festival at The Film Society at St. Anthony Main Theatre. Cyn Collins will be reading from her forthcoming book on the MPLS Punk and Indie scene before some Film 4M shows rock film shorts (with live accompaniment!) and then The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle at der Black Forest Inn. The Cassette night (“Listen to the hiss!”) turns one years old at the Kitty Cat Klub. Mayoral candidate and former MPLS NAACP President Nekima Levy-Pounds hosts a listening session on environmental justice at the Water Bar.

Saving Banksy


Would we buy the Parkway Theater if we had any money? Heck yes. And we’d show films like the documentary Saving Banksy, which will be shown there tonight for one screening only. The film shows the adversarial relationship between street artists (who can go to jail for their work) and galleries that commodify their street art for hundreds of thousands of dollars that could instead go to . . . buying a neighborhood theater. If you’re a street art or Bansky fan, you’re already going to want to see the film, but let this line in the trailer get you extra fired up: “Here’s this beautiful, incredible animal, and you just kill it, just so you can own a part of it? That’s fuckin’ foul.” 7 PM. $10.Curt Stansky

Parkway Theater, 4814 Chicago Ave S, MPLS;