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Burger Hunter: Flameburger

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Week after week, Mike S. impresses us with the depth and breadth of his burger knowledge. He was also quite popular in our reader survey! Check out all The Burger Hunter’s meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram and at @BurgerHunterUSA on the twitter.


Now that we went all healthy let’s immediately fall off that bandwagon and head straight back to that loving feeling. Oh yeah babe and it’s going down at none other than Flameburger. Upon entry you’ll have an immediate strange flashback of being here before. Early 20’s like 3 AM. Pretty sure it was breakfy. Wake up! Ok I’m back and holy wow there’s flames everywhere in here. So obvi I headed for the Flameburger with bacon & cheese. Bun is decent and has a dusting on it that could be cornmeal. It’s butter grilled. The meat is likely under 80/20. Maybe 75. Tradish chuck. V good tho and not seasoned much. Cooked over flames, adds all that Jazz to the beef. Each high note searing in sweet. Damn Gina, damn. Juicy to the nines and even compromised the bottom bun a little. Each bite exploding with flavor. Savory meat blasts of juicy rendering the perfect chew. Onion with the lightly charred beef is an OTP. The bacon is there but not showing off by any means. The cheese is about as American as those flames. If you close your eyes you’d think you pulled off the side of the road on some road trip to nowhere. Their cups will give you goosebumps and the soda tastes hella good in um. I loved this burger big times. It’s flame-forward and they been going hard since 1955. Pro-tip: Order the hashbrowns!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.1   Presentation: 8   Originality: 5

Flameburger, 4800 Central Ave NE, MPLS; theflameburger.com

Twincy Cheat Sheet: Institutional Knowledge

DJ Jazzy Jeff

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places here in MPLS + STPL, so we’ve put together this list of stuff that we’re using as talking points this week and sharing them with you to pretend like they’re you’re own.

Who: DJ Jazzy Jeff

We sometimes give out Scene & Be Seen™ Awards, but if there was only one event to get the distinction, it would be The Walker Art Center’s Avant Garden. This year’s massive and massively swanky fundraising party was actually in the Walker’s transformed parking garage and featured a set by DJ Jazzy Jeff. We’ve never been to a party in the city (west burbs who do lake living, sure) where more people donned top notch outfits to have snacks and cocktails among the art—as soon as we got there we pin-balled between The Current’s Mark Wheat, MPLS Mayoral Hopeful Jacob Frey, the leadership of large corporations and their trendy kids, and just missed local social media personality and foodie Jason DeRusha. If you ever, ever want to really go out to a gala, start getting ready for next year’s Avant Garden—the later tickets are affordable for the type of party it is. Btw, the party was still a wild success even though DJ Inferno’s 90s jams set could’ve been a playlist and Jazzy’s set didn’t deliver many of the giant party beats he’s known for. 

Where: Not at the Fitzgerald Theater

Awhile ago it became a thing to make Facebook events for things like Kid Rock at Shoreview Tires Plus or Nelly at Midway Target. It was so out there that people quickly figured it out. Now some prankster (not us, swear) is making events for big name acts like Bruno Mars playing The Fitzgerald Theater. There’s no need to for the fake events since Illana Glazer (of Broad City) & Phoebe Robinson’s YQY Comedy Tour is real and the early show still has a few tickets left.

When: The fall season at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

As we get into the autumnal season, we’ll be getting back into our thriving classical scene. Case in point: There are so many good SPCO shows coming for both classical diehards and nubies alike. Jonathan Biss Plays Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto in late Sept. The SPCO showcases Schubert’s 3rd Symphony early October. Then it’s the return of the very excellent Liquid Music series, starting in late October.

What (Did you think was going to happen)?: Sound at US Bank Stadium

Do you go to stadium shows? Pay the big bucks to see names like Beyonce, Metallica, Kanye . . . U2? A risk-taker, eh? There was a lot of hand ringing after Bono & Co’s show, thanks to the sound in the monstrous glass and steel sculpture was extra echo-y (not intentionally, sorry Edge) and it was impossible to see the band from the cheap seats without the gigantic TV screens going (because the cool HD backdrop was supposed to be the focus). Here’s a tip: If you’re going to go to a stadium show, you have to get close, that’s the only way it’s going to be worth the huge amount of money you’re spending. 

Why? (Come On): Ghorka Palace’s turkey momos

One of our favorite staples of the Mill City Farmer’s Market, Ghorka Palace’s turkey momos are delicious, although a bit pricey. Are they a good fit for Twin Cities Veg Fest? Nope, for one specific reason.

Nazeem & Spencer Joles ‘Years Of Obscurity’ Album Release


While there’s a lot of nostalgia for former era’s of MPLS + STPL music, we’re currently in a golden era of local tunes—and that includes an incredible breadth and depth of hip-hop. Take, for example, Nazeem & Spencer Joles. The young duo, one of First Avenue’s picks last year for ‘Best New Bands’, deliver original beats that range from pop to classical, smooth lyrics and hooks, and a reach that’s quickly growing beyond our own backyard. Catch them as they continue to blow up on Friday at their release party for their new album Years of Obscurity where they’re joined by none other than DJ Keezy. Friday, 10 PM. $10. First Avenue. —Paul Cajun

First Avenue, 701 1st Ave N, MPLS; first-avenue.com

Local News Pop Quiz: Post-State Fair Malaise

A reader replied that we’re getting in people’s heads by including station IDs. Love it. See if you can pick which of these tweets from local sources are original and which ridiculous one (just one) we just made up. Answer here.

Looking for native Minnesotans who will be impacted by Hurricane Irma. Anybody live in Puerto Rico or Florida and…

A fridge that comes to you. The ultimate in laziness? A fun thing to have at parties? Will it really help people out?

St. Paul police say a 61-year-old woman helped stymie an attempted kidnapping of a female teenager Friday.

Many venues getting ready to shut down to the public for Super Bowl parties

Extra Hennepin County deputies now helping patrol downtown Minneapolis

Minnesota Moment: Rochester teen uses cheerleading to bring awareness to Tourrete Syndrome

Victims upset over lack of charges for Ponzi scheme operator.

Burger Hunter: Birchwood Cafe

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Week after week, Mike S. impresses us with the depth and breadth of his burger knowledge. He was also quite popular in our reader survey! Check out all The Burger Hunter’s meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram and at @BurgerHunterUSA on the twitter.

As the seasons change so does one’s appetite to try new things. This hunt brings us to the perfect place to go on a little burger adventure so to speak . . . The Birchwood Cafe is the home to good locally sourced food that puts healthy forward allllll the days. I decided to jump off the cliff and go for the Black Bean & Quinoa burger. Now for some this is just an everyday affair but for the Great American Burger Hunter this is like a whole new beginning. Starting with the bun it’s parmy herby and super soft. Very good flav. The meat—or lack there of—is a grind of black beans and quinoa. Points for proper pronunciation. It’s pressed onto a flattop and grilled crispy. It tastes like the best ever black bean and queso dip. FR! The crispy outer is soooo ladies and gentlemen totes my new fav. I did mine ‘Scorch’ which means there’s a party of heirloom marinara, mozzarella, pesto, little lettuces, and garlic aioli. Each bite I can feel myself getting healthier. All the grains and whatnot take you on a real nice texture adventure. It’s plenty earthy but at the same time a tad greasy. You’re mo def eating a burger. When it comes to wellness, Birchwood plays zero games. This may be my first BBB but it won’t be my last.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.1   Presentation: 8   Originality: 10

Birchwood Cafe, 3311 East 25th Street, MPLS; birchwoodcafe.com