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Quick Hits: Who’s Gonna Run The Roost?

Where to Vote on Tuesday

Here’s a link to the Secretary of State pollfinder. We don’t yet have voter suppression so it’s very easy to find your voting place and register on site if you haven’t yet, just bring a bill with your address on it! You can also look at a sample ballot so you can figure out who to vote for.

Who Will You Vote For?

Better start figuring that out! We like two different resources. First, MSP Votes has almost too much centralized info on the MPLS + STPL elections, everything from candidates, to endorsements, to donations, and everything else. We also like the Slug of Atmosphere and Brother Ali-supported Pollen Midwest voter guide that’s for MPLS.

New ‘Dockless’ Bike Sharing May Be on the Way

The Nice Ride program has been so successful that the group has started reaching out to vendors to potentially move into an even cheaper sharing program that works without the docks and, even if it isn’t through Nice Ride, it might even happen for next year.    

What’s Up With All The Wild Turkeys

Dear Dara has one of the more interesting reads lately—how did all those damn turkeys move into the neighborhoods? And what do they want? And who are they voting for?

Quick Q+A: Pop-Up Magazine + Anita Badejo

Images from Pop Up Magazine at the Paramount Theatre on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 in Oakland, Calif.

Images by Erin Brethauer

Pop-Up Magazine—a “live magazine” experience featuring multimedia stories told by reporters, writers, radio producers and more—makes its Twincy debut on Friday (November 3rd) at the Fitzgerald Theater. The local installment of the show will feature stories by APM’s homegrown, Peabody-Award winning series In The Dark host Madeleine Baran and senior producer and Samara Freemark, and afterward, performers, producers, and the audience stick around for drinks and conversation.

As fans of both traditional and innovative new forms of magazines, we’re pretty psyched to see—and hear!—the show. Before settling in for some killer storytelling, we checked in over email with show producer senior producer and Pop-Up co-host Anita Badejo.

Secrets of the City: How did a live magazine show get developed? Was the impetus for Pop-Up Magazine to just skip the media pivot to video entirely and get right to the pivot of “live shows with multi-media content”?

Anita Badejo: Interestingly enough, Pop-Up predates those pivots! The show was created in 2009, when our founder and editor-in-chief Doug McGray was still a freelance journalist. He had started his career as a writer, and eventually also started producing radio stories, and he found it really odd that storytellers in different mediums don’t cross paths as often as you’d think. He and our other founders started Pop-Up as a collaborative way to bring all types of storytellers together, and to celebrate journalism and storytelling in all its unique, creative forms. The first show was at a 300-seat theater in San Francisco and it just grew from there. Eight years later, we’re performing at really big theaters with three national tours a year!

How does the live show play to the audience? Should we warn people ahead of time that they’re likely going to get goosebumps, maybe tear up a little from the stories? More of our readers will likely go if there’s a promise of pandering.

We craft our stories in order to move people, so laughs, tears, goosebumps, gasps, etc. are definitely part of the experience. Most stories also have original scores by our house band, Magik*Magik Orchestra, which really helps set a unique mood for each of them. We often hear from people after the show that it’s one of the most emotionally compelling events they’ve attended.

We love that this show has “issues” instead of seasons, what other fun print elements does the program covert over from physical magazines? Is there a masthead? Back of book? Long delays on payments to freelancers?

In the program, each story has a slug in addition to its title, and they often play off of popular magazine sections. So, you might open it up and find stories that are slugged anything from, “Politics,” “Business,” and “Food,” to “Advice,” “How-To,” and “Relationships.” And the show itself is loosely structured like a magazine, with a front of book and a feature well. Our shorter pieces tend to open the show, whereas longer, more narrative pieces tend to be concentrated in the second half.

Each performance has contributors from all over the spectrum, including Peabody-Award winning series “In The Dark” host Madeleine Baran and senior producer and Samara Freemark at the St. Paul date. But everyone will likely ask: Why isn’t Levar Burton at the St. Paul date? Where’s Levar Burton?

Ha, LeVar was wonderful! While many storytellers do tour with us, each show is unique, and we want to make the experience of seeing Pop-Up Magazine in each of the cities we visit special. The Twin Cities edition of this issue is really, really great, and one of the more unique ones among the tour in terms of the mix of themes, story formats, and live, interactive moments. It’s going to be fun.

There was a mention of a potential foray even further in different modes of story-telling, including augmented reality. Should people be “subscribing” to Pop-Up even if they can’t make the show? (You can make the show, there’s a few tickets left, though.)

Definitely! Our mailing list is the best way to keep a pulse on it all, and there are going to be more and more ways to get involved.

We’re always experimenting with new mediums and there are so many things we’d like to play with. In the past, we’ve staged a special musical collaboration with Beck and McSweeney’s, that was part-concert, part-storytelling event. We’ve hosted a dinner with chef Samin Nosrat, where every course and part of the meal — down to the napkins — was tied to a story told by someone at the table. In Friday night’s show, there’s dance, which is a first for us, as well as a pretty glorious moment of audience participation (all I’ll say is it involves singing). Our format offers so many opportunities to figure out “What’s the best way to tell a story?” “How do we bring people into it?” and there’s no end to what we might try.

Some tickets are still available for the inaugural installment of Pop-Up Magazine here in MPLS + STPL. Friday, Nov 3rd, 7:30 PM. $31.50. Fitzgerald Theater.

Local TV News Pop Quiz: Halloween Pic Or It Didn’t Happen

See if you can pick which of these tweets from local TV news stations are original and which ridiculous ones we just made up. It’s harder than you think. Answers here.

City council candidate sues #Minneapolis, Vikings, others over park outside U.S. Bank Stadium.

Oh boy, secondary crash now on 35E just south of the crash at Wagon Wheel, blocking center lane

Cold temperatures can’t scare Minnesota kids on Halloween

Some Twin Cities Targets run out of flu vaccines

Postal Service eyes next-day Sunday delivery for holidays

Minnesota Moment: Trick-or-treaters visit Gov. Mark Dayton

This poor guy scared himself after looking at his reflection. | More Halloween Costumes:

.@mnsure’s open enrollment begins amid federal health chaos.

Some Super Bowl attendees are renting apartments for entire year – just to use during game week

Travelers say warnings about experiences at Mexican reports – rapes, robberies, etc.- were deleted by TripAdvior.

Ever thought about owning half a historic bridge… in Baudette? Now’s your chance.

Burger Hunter: Red Stag Supper Club

Red Stag Supper Club

Week after week, Mike S. impresses us with the depth and breadth of his burger knowledge. He’s like David S. Burgers! Check out all The Burger Hunter’s meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram and at @BurgerHunterUSA on the twitter.

Just over the river and into Northeast Minneapolis you’ll find a little honey hole of good foodie finds. We’ve hunted in this area before but this time we’re heading to investigate some talky talky about Red Stag Supper Club. Now this place is all charming and hosts a v strong menu. I’m practically dating their fish & chips and their Mac & Cheese. Anywho, once in awhile you have to look past your steady and go hunting on the menu. This probe is honing in on the Peterson Farms Heirloom Limousin Burger. And we’re off . . . Bun is sesame and poppi, toasted yet soft. It’s in collusion with this roasted garlic aioli. Attacking from the top and bottom. Soooo delicious. The meat is limo cattle (French) from a top shelf Minnesota farm. These are grandpa cows. The burger is full of flavor, finely textured and clean. Loose pack. Lots of drips! Cooked to order by pros. Knowing medium is the ultimate complement to a chef. They know medium. The cheese is white cheddar and completely smothering. Light salty and good. Topped with a sheet of crispy lettuce and I added the double smoked bacon. At least it tasted that way. Comes with pickles on and I took um off. Had plenty of crunch and really with this quality beef you can’t have to many distractions. There’s a hint of sweetness and it comes from the sneaky red onions under the meat. The burger is a standout and my findings are that the talky talky is true. Great burger from first bite to last.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.4   Presentation: 9  Originality: 9

Red Stag Supper Club, 509 1st Ave NE, MPLS; redstagsupperclub.com

Twincy Cheat Sheet: Some Really Strange Things


It’s almost impossible to keep up with the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places here in MPLS + STPL, so we’ve put together this list of stuff that we’re using as talking points this week and sharing them with you to pretend like they’re you’re own.

What: The MN Science Museum sweatshirt on Stranger Things 2

Local fans of Stranger Things—which seems like a lot of people?—lost their marbles when they saw that one of the nerdy kids—we don’t watch the show, sorry—was wearing a sweatshirt with a Brontosaurus that said Science Museum of Minnesota. The actual Science Museum did, too. But they’re also very smartly printing up a bunch of those sweatshirts ASAP.

Where: New restaurant not Taco John’s

It says a lot about our readers that the single biggest story that we’ve run this year was that fliers went up at Lyn-Lake for a new Taco John’s and it wasn’t. Man, the emails we got. Outrage! Well if that worked you folkx up, then know that instead of TJ’s the spot is going to be a restaurant with fancy wood-fired food called The Hasty Tasty.  

Who: MPLS Mayor Hodges’s Strib photo Halloween costume (pictured)

While we’ve disagreed with a lot things she’s done, particularly with her lack of communications (which is improving by her own efforts, not her office’s) and her handling of the Jamar Clark killing, MPLS Mayor Betsy Hodges doesn’t get enough credit for being funny. At this weekend’s Give a Sh-IT! halloween party, Hodges cleverly dressed up as a Star Tribune photo of herself, cocking her head and closing her eyes to poke fun at the paper’s frequently unflattering pictures. It’s great because it’s true.    

When: Saturday at The Twin Cities Film Fest films and post-party

Here’s what we don’t understand about the Arts & Culture scene here in MPLS + STPL—why doesn’t everyone go to film festivals? It’s really a fun time to check out two-three films in a day, or even more through the week, that you know are going to be good because they’ve been selected by talented curators. And actually, it was full houses for sold out shows on the last day of the Twin Cities Film Fest (big kudos to Artistic Director Steve Snyder, who did a great job on the breadth of films being shown), which is great. It was also great to see King Otto running the decks at the post-party, which was more fun than we expected.

Why?: The big 98° at Christmas show

Is the New Standards long-standing holiday show not your cup of egg nog? What about Nick Lachey and the rest of boy (turned-man) band 98° doing their holiday show at their Pantages Theatre. Super fans can even get a $500 VIP “Dressing Room Meet & Greet” that includes a champagne toast, but no clear answer if the guys will actually be dressing at the event.