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Eden Prairie Swimmer Headed to Olympics

Last night swimmer Rachel Bootsma Eden earned a spot on the Olympic team by finishing second in the 100-meter backstroke. The 18-year-old Eden Prairie athlete even beat 11-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin. “Coming back just 20 minutes after the semifinals of the 200 freestyle, she chased down Coughlin on the return lap to win with an American record of 58.85 seconds,” according to KARE 11. Way to go, Rachel! Good luck in London.

Mpls/St. Paul Women’s Well-Being Ranked Top 4 in the Country

To all you females in the Twin Cities—kudos. Your well-being is ranked higher than those of women in New York City, and fourth out of the 25 most populated, metropolitan areas in the United States, according to researchers at Measure for America. How do you measure “well-being,” you might ask? It only took three factors for this study, which included life expectancy at birth, years of schooling, and median personal income. Throw in all those lakes we have to walk around, and it’s not too surprising. Although we’re wondering if the spike in fried food intake around August might throw the numbers a bit.

New St. Croix Bridge Design Promises to Impress

The new Stillwater bridge is being dubbed “signature”, and experts are geeking out about it. With a budget of $14.2 million going to the architectural and engineering firm HDR, this hybrid concrete/cable-stayed structure will reduce environmental impact by lowering the number of piers in the river and keeping tower heights lower than the river bluffs, and will only be the second of its kind built in the United States. Between design work and actual construction, we won’t be seeing this bridge beauty until 2016, but it’s not just the structure that have people excited. The idea of having traffic removed from that old lift bridge definitely elates the average Wisconsin-to-Minnesota commuter.

Family Stress Leads To Unhealthy Diets

Stressed out? That could lead to an unhealthy diet for your entire family. A new study from the U of M concludes that “working parents who report having a high work-life stress load tend to provide a less healthful food environment for their teenage children.” And moms have the biggest influence on family eating habits, reports MPR.

Moms, don’t get upset just yet. The researchers aren’t trying to throw you under the bus for buying your kids a Happy Meal. “We need to find ways to alleviate the stress on families rather than put all this burden on moms,” says the study’s lead author, Katherine Bauer. Yes to that!

Duluth Roads in Ruin After Floods

Thanks to the downpours in Duluth, northern roads are in disarray—to say the least. Duluth Public Works Director Jim Benning told MPR that the storm damage will have a preliminary cost of $20 million, or the price of five years worth of average road construction, and that’s just a rough estimate. Some roads are beyond repair, with four bridges completely washed away and areas of the highway gone. Whether or not all these roads will see construction in the near future is still up for debate. With more than 40 roads closed in and around Duluth, it suddenly makes weekend highway construction and lane shrinkage in the Twin Cities seem far from inconvenient.