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Mad Men Star’s Pi Press Commercial

Before Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser played the punchable Pete Campbell on the AMC hit series, he was a kid actor here in Minnesota. Need proof? Check out this Pioneer Press commercial featuring a teenage Vincent. We just love that ’90s grunge look!

Food Truck Food Safety

WCCO took a look at the food safety of the many of our favorite food trucks rolling around Minneapolis and St. Paul. With all of them are inspected and licensed annually, it turns out that some violations have been found, but most aren’t a serious health risk; thankfully, no truck has shut down post-inspection. (We’ll use this as an opportunity to also check out Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Food Truck Guide for our favorite meals on wheels.)

WI. Booze Nooze: Boating Edition

A Wisconsin man was so, ahem, hydrated that he was able to swim for two hours before police arrested him. They had to pepper spray him to get him cuffed. He was booked on charges of reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and operating a boat while intoxicated.

Tomato Toss

Feeling European? Or, more specifically, are you feeling the pull of Spain? Aside from grabbing some tapas, you can also take part in the second “annual” Midwest Tomato Fest next Saturday in downtown Minneapolis. Inspired by the annual Spanish food fight La Tomatina, this stateside version will include local music and food truck nosh. That is, if the sight of rotten tomatoes doesn’t ruin your appetite.

Minneapolis Street Test Gives Siri a D


In theory, having a little personal assistant living in your phone is pretty awesome. But if she can’t understand you half the time, what good is she? When put to the test by Piper Jaffray’s Internet research analyst Gene Munster, the iPhone’s Siri could only understand 83 percent of the 800 questions she was asked on a busy Minneapolis street, and responded accurately only 62 percent of the time. (Her results in a quiet room weren’t much better—89 percent comprehension, 68 percent accuracy.) This hardly stacks up to Google Search, which Munster says Siri is about two years behind. But he’s confident that Apple’s iOS 6 being released this fall will be a big improvement. Until then, it seems metropolitan Minnesotans should just Google it.