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Minneapolis Street Test Gives Siri a D


In theory, having a little personal assistant living in your phone is pretty awesome. But if she can’t understand you half the time, what good is she? When put to the test by Piper Jaffray’s Internet research analyst Gene Munster, the iPhone’s Siri could only understand 83 percent of the 800 questions she was asked on a busy Minneapolis street, and responded accurately only 62 percent of the time. (Her results in a quiet room weren’t much better—89 percent comprehension, 68 percent accuracy.) This hardly stacks up to Google Search, which Munster says Siri is about two years behind. But he’s confident that Apple’s iOS 6 being released this fall will be a big improvement. Until then, it seems metropolitan Minnesotans should just Google it.

Beware of Plant Thieves

Look out, Linden Hills residents. There are bandits coming for your garden. Last week “an unspecified amount of plants were dug up and removed from the yards of three houses on the 4100 block of Chowen Avenue South,” according to Southwest Minneapolis Patch. And this wasn’t their first sweep. Thieves struck the same neighborhood in May, uprooting hundreds of dollars’ worth of plants. Better lock up those geraniums.

Firefighters Museum Exhibit Highlights I-35 Bridge Collapse Rescue Efforts

This Saturday, a new exhibit opens at the Firefighters Hall and Museum, and it’s moving, and also extremely well-deserved. 81 MINUTES: After the Bridge Collapsed displays the extraordinary efforts of responders from that first call to dispatch to the last person pulled from the bridge. Split into the five different locations where firefighters responded to the travesty—the south and north sides of the bridge, the Mississippi River, the 10th Avenue bridge, and the dispatch center—this exhibit recounts the events of the day at each site, where rescue teams were met with tragedy, but also support from the community. Along with this permanent exhibit, the museum is hosting Family Home Disaster Preparedness Day on July 21.

Downtown is Popular Again

Nationwide, downtown metros are growing in population at a faster rate than the surrounding suburbs, and Minneapolis is no exception. 2011 census predictions reveal the trend, which hasn’t occurred in nearly a century. Analysts say it’s a result of young adults who are looking for positions in a weak job market and stay put in urban centers.

Minneapolis Ranked 18th Most Creative City

Recently ranked number 18 in a list of 20 of America’s most creative cities, Minneapolis (beating out Atlanta and Tucson on the list) is recognized for its “innovation, high technology, and tolerance for racial, ethnic, and social diversity,” according to Richard Florida’s Creative Class index via The Daily Beast. Additionally, we’re stacked in with the likes of Boulder, Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco.