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Hair Club For Men Sells For $163.5 million

Yes, we all like to poke fun at Hair Club For Men commercials. But the money behind the hair loss solutions business is no joke. Local company “Regis Corp. is selling hair replacement services provider Hair Club for Men and Women to Japan’s Aderans Co. for $163.5 million in cash,” according to the Star Tribune. Besides getting some major money, the sale will allow Regis Corp. to focus on its other enterprises, including Supercuts and MasterCuts.

The Bee’s Knees

Two colonies of bees are now happily located atop the W Minneapolis–The Foshay hotel. Already known for its posh sleeping quarters, the hotel’s “penthouse” space will now be churning out up to 10 gallons of golden honey each year. The best part of this downtown partnership, the buttery sweet honey is made into bonbons and sold under the Mademoiselle Miel brand.

Bikini Parade

A tanning salon owner is attempting a record breaking, bikini-clad parade at the upcoming Madison Lake Paddlefish Days. Cynthia Frederick, owner of Electric Beach tanning salon in Mankato, cited Footloose when describing some of the city council’s reaction to her parade, which—much to their chagrin—cannot be barred, according to the League of Minnesota Cities. But the council isn’t just concerned with what a bunch of women in bikinis means for the morality of their town. Frederick says that her parade is to support a charity for breast cancer awareness, specifically saying that raising Vitamin D levels through UVB light can decrease the risk of breast cancer. Members such as Chuck Ries are skeptical of this connection, while others (like the mayor) support Frederick’s efforts, but are wary of the charity and its nondescript website. Either way, this year’s Paddlefish Days will see quite a two-pieced spectacle.

Moving Forward at Indeed

Indeed Brewing is moving right along toward its goal of opening mid summer in the Solar Arts Building. Wednesday, the team posted pics of its fermenters being set up and yesterday the company obtained micro and wholesale distributing licenses. Keep apprised of their progress on Twitter (@indeedbrewing).

Target Won’t Sell Frank Ocean’s New Album

Target has decided not to stock its shelves with R&B star Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” album due to it already being released a week earlier on iTunes, but the timing was a little unfortunate. Ocean had just written on his Tumblr earlier in the month about how the first person he ever fell in love with was a man. One insinuating tweet later (written by Ocean’s manager) linking Target’s decision with Ocean’s post, and Target was on the defense, responding with their strong support of diversity and inclusivity.