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Record-Breaking Fourth

The Twin Cities set a record yesterday, with a whopping 101-degree high. The Strib reports the temps were so high, ice cream sales actually dropped! The high temps are expected to continue through Saturday, when the highs dip to the low to mid 80s.

Local Wins $700,000 Jackpot

Local Winmark Corp. CEO John Morgan knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. He recently walked away from the World Series of Poker with a $700,000 payday. Morgan ultimately didn’t make it to the final eight of the series.


Wild Lands Top Players


Unlike some other men’s sports teams in town, the Wild can draw top talent. The NHL team just scored top free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. But these players didn’t come cheap. Each received a $98 million, 13-year contract. The good news? The Wild might get some of that money back in ticket sales. “Within five hours of the signings, Wild officials said the team had sold about 700 new full season tickets for next season,” reports the Star Tribune. We are the state of hockey indeed.

Mad Men Star’s Pi Press Commercial

Before Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser played the punchable Pete Campbell on the AMC hit series, he was a kid actor here in Minnesota. Need proof? Check out this Pioneer Press commercial featuring a teenage Vincent. We just love that ’90s grunge look!

Food Truck Food Safety

WCCO took a look at the food safety of the many of our favorite food trucks rolling around Minneapolis and St. Paul. With all of them are inspected and licensed annually, it turns out that some violations have been found, but most aren’t a serious health risk; thankfully, no truck has shut down post-inspection. (We’ll use this as an opportunity to also check out Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Food Truck Guide for our favorite meals on wheels.)