Daily Email

No Love for the Geek

Best Buy has started to layoff Geek Squad employees, no doubt a result of the company’s restructuring plan. Kare 11 reports 650 techies who service appliances and televisions will be laid off nationwide. Best Buy says the employees will receive severance packages and job placement assistance.

Minnesota Women’s Softball Dominates Midwest Tournament

Sometimes, it’s rough being a Minnesota sports fan. But not if you were cheering on women’s softball this weekend. The Midwest’s 35th Annual Ringneck softball tournament’s scoreboard showed Minnesota teams winning 7 of the 12 brackets. It’s fitting, really, with team names such as The Minnesota Renegades, seeing as winning isn’t exactly the current norm for athletics here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

St. Paul Man Steals Ice Cream Truck

Need a way to beat the heat? Buy an ice cream cone. Or better yet, just steal the whole damn truck. (Editor’s note: The Secrets staff does not condone stealing). That’s what Joseph Allen Facent did Wednesday when an ice cream vendor left his truck running at a gas station in St. Paul. Facent hopped in the van, pulled away from the SuperAmerica station, and started cruising, reports the Pioneer Press. But the joy ride didn’t last long. Police caught up with him at Interstate 35 and Minnesota 13. Ah, the things we do for ice cream.

Hoop It Up!

How are you at the hula hoop? If you’ve got that hip shake down, grab a hoop and head to Loring Park on Sunday, when Studio Booya! attempts to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people hooping at once. The goal is to have more than 5,000 hips swinging for three minutes. Don’t have a hula hoop? No worries, you can get one on site for $5. Be sure to register in advance online.

Student-Athletes Fed Up With Parents

Helicopter parents, step off. That’s the message from several Minnesota student-athletes who are fed up with parents interfering in sports. While parents often have good intentions, experts say it’s best for kids to solve their own problems, according to this STrib article.

Parents, we know it’s tempting to re-live your dreams vicariously through your children. But perhaps you should stick to the sidelines.