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Saints Plan Atheist Night


The St. Paul Saints are known for wacky themed nights at home games, from “The Real Housewives of Blue Earth County” to “Good Eggs and Scams.” But the theme for the Aug. 10 game is raising some eyebrows. The Saints will put on “A Night of Unbelievable Fun presented by MN Atheists and American Atheists.” That’s right, an atheist party. Some fans may think the Saints/Atheists mash-up is kind of funny, but conservative families are bound to disapprove. Check out Joe Soucheray’s Pi Press column on the subject.

U.S. Bank Fights Slumlord Allegations

Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank is facing charges in Los Angeles. The City Attorney’s office claims the bank is essentially a slumlord that illegally evicts homeowners and then neglects the properties. A similar complaint was been filed against Deutsche Bank earlier this year. Both banks report the properties are owned by trust and loan services, which are responsible for managing the properties and their upkeep. Of the 1,500 U.S. Bank foreclosures, about 170 properties have fallen into disrepair. That’s just a drop in the bucket, compared to the 362,000 California homes in foreclosure as of March 31, as reported by the LA Times.

Dolphin Conversation Continues

Months ago (May 15, to be exact) Mpls.St.Paul writer Steve Marsh wrote an in-depth story on the Minnesota Zoo’s complicated dolphin exhibit, and the challenges it faced. Monday’s MPR story by Laura Yuen also examined the issues around dolphins in captivity and the zoo’s challenges. But last night, the two journos got into a Twitter exchange about their dolphin stories. While Marsh’s story was the first long-form piece locally, MPR editor Kerri Miller put it this way: Can we ever get enough dolphins?

MN makes CNBC’s Top 5 States for Quality of Life

With the Twin Cities making all of these top rankings—most creative, best well-being for women, etc—it’s really not all that surprising that when CNBC examined the top states for quality of life as part of their “Best Places to do Business,” Minnesota was in the top five, thanks to our metropolitan/nature balance and our generally clean air. Overall, we were ranked #11 for best place to do business. Again, not surprising with our plethora of corporations located in the confines of what is clearly becoming less and less of a fly-over state. Give yourselves a big pat on the back, Minnesotans.

Minneapolis: A Marketing Mecca


Our biggest city just got some major praise from Ad Age. Today the organization released a glowing story about Minneapolis’ creative industry, calling it a “an overachiever when it comes to marketer strength.” The story praised local agencies such as Fallon, Olson, and Periscope. Of course, we’ve known how great our marketing biz is for quite some time. It’s nice that everyone else is catching on.