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Flying Via MSP? Ante Up.

You might need to add more coin to your dream vacay fund. A new study by Carlson Wagonlit Travel predicts airfares out of  Minneapolis-St. Paul will go up more than anywhere else in the nation next year, blaming rising fuel costs. KARE 11 offers tips for keeping travel costs down, including flying midweek and parking far from the airport.

Diver Retrieves Wedding Rings in Lake Minnetonka

If you lose something valuable in Lake Minnetonka, call Denny Geffe. That’s what Marisa Nelson did last weekend after she accidentally lost her rings in the water. “She found a Star Tribune article from several years ago featuring recreational scuba diver Denny Geffre of Mound who has a side business finding lost valuables in Minnesota’s vast network of lakes,” reports the Star Tribune. After a brief search, Geffre found the rings within 10 minutes. Now that’s service!

AEG Live’s The Brick Rebrands as Mill City Nights, Gets Makeover

After a rough start, The Brick is now renamed Mill City Nights and is paving its way with some of the basic building blocks that make a good concert venue—a bigger stage, more TV monitors, two additional entrances, and a 30 percent trim on capacity. The Monday morning quarterback consensus is that the club, owned by concert promoter AEG Live, should have had a softer launch. Here’s the upcoming concert line up, looks like the July 27, sold out Steel Panther show is getting Mill City Nights’s second chance off to a good start.

Drink Beer to Stop Invasive Species


Invasive species are a problem in local waters, but now there’s a tasty way for you to fight them. Buy a craft beer. Tonka Beer Company produces Big Island Shandy, and the proceeds go to help fight invasive species in Minnesota lakes and rivers, reports CBS Minnesota. Here’s to drinking for a good cause!

Spam Spokesman Sir Can-A-Lot Debuts

Austin-based SPAM has a new mascot, and he’s coming to advertisements near you. In honor of its 75th anniversary, Hormel Foods introduced Sir Can-A-Lot (think Camelot)—a tiny knight with a bushy mustache, big  eyes, a shield marked with a large letter “s,” and a deep voice. Not that SPAM needs the promotion. The Strib reports SPAM was a driver of the company’s record second-quarter profit of $127.9 million earlier this year. Let’s just hope he doesn’t like to rap a lot.