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3D Brewpub Tour

It’s no secret that Minnesotans love their beer. So yeah, we were a little giddy when 612Brew announced their plans for a 15-barrel brewpub in Northeast Minneapolis. Now, there’s more to toast. Yesterday @612brew tweeted a 3D-rendered tour of their proposed tap room. Check it out.


ID Those Solicitors

Minneapolis is considering issuing photo IDs for solicitors to prevent residents from being swindled by would-be, door-to-door scammers. I’d hope we’d be able to spot a solicitor from blocks away—with just enough time to darken the house and draw the shades. And, do we really want to encourage these types?

The proposal also loosens requirements for political and religious canvases. Noncommercial solicitors aren’t required to register. And, door-to-door activity should shop at 9 p.m. or sunset, whichever is later. St. Paul ordinances already require a city-issued, photo badge.

Goodbye Dolphins, Hello Stingrays?


There’s been lots of talk about the dolphin exhibit closing at the Minnesota Zoo. But the big question is what will replace the exhibit in Discovery Bay. It looks like stingrays may be the answer. “Zoo Director Lee Ehmke said he hopes there’s enough money to make the most critical repairs and introduce new kinds of fish and stingrays. He said the public might have a chance to swim or wade in the tank,” reports MPR. A stingray exhibit may help the zoo justify its $4 million in state bonding money, which was originally intended for dolphins.

Bastille Day Quiz

Every holiday is an excuse to celebrate—or drink lots and eat good food, in other words. But Classical MPR puts listeners to the test in honor of this upcoming Bastille Day. So if you think you’re a français aficionado, take this quiz, and find out if you’re a french newbie or a yellow jersey when it comes to french composers. (We scraped by scoring at a French 101 level.)

President Pays Your Bills … NOT

A scam that claims President Barack Obama will pay your bills, if only you share specific private information, has reached Minnesota, according to the Better Business Bureau. Victims have been contacted via phone, mailers, social media, and even text messages. While the Prez. is looking for a second term, I doubt he’d be bankrolling utility bills across the nation for your vote.