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Win Tix: GORGE


It’s one of the highly anticipated performances of the fall arts season: A collective of local dance companies present GORGE, the void where dance meets rock. DaNCEBUMS opens each evening of the four-part performance with their riotous approach to dance that also includes a collaboration with Eric Mayson in Press Kit. Next, April Sellers Dance Collective recreates their work The Animal Corridor with a new cast member. Alternating performances with ASDC, Samantha Johns and Nona Invie create an ode. Finally, Detroit-based Kristi Faulkner Dance closes out every night (and their tour to Minneapolis via the GRUNT network) with Four Letter Word and music from Motown!  Thursday-Sunday, Various Showtimes at The Southern Theater.

These GORGE shows will have a Who’s Who of the local performance community on the stage—and in the audience. It’s also going to be a great dance/movement show for both long-time fans and folks looking to get exposed to it for the first time. Just reply to the email that you’re interested for a chance to win tickets from us!

Burger Hunter: JL Beers

JL Beers

Week after week, Mike S. impresses us with the depth and breadth of his burger knowledge. Plus he’s quite the traveler, like the Rick Steves of patties! Check out all The Burger Hunter’s meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram and at @BurgerHunterUSA on the twitter.

Once in awhile it takes a couple visits to fully figure out what’s all going on with a burger. This happened to me at JL Beers. You know JL, it’s those North Dakota beer dudes that came to Twincy to strike burger gold. So on visit numero dos I bellied up to get a birds eye view of how and why my burger is coming out so quickly, yet so good. And there it was—a clam grill that comes over the flattop and puts a full court press on your meat with heat from both sides. 1 minute and 15 seconds later, out comes your seared up beef patty party. It’s most likely ground chuck with nice flavor from classic seasoning. Juicy, too! I ordered the University Ave Burger. The bun looks regs, but it’s so not. Fresh and seriously almost perfect. Butter grilled with a crispy inner and soft gentle outer . . . Mmmmm gentle outer . . . Just holds in your hands so nicely this one. Cheese is American and gooey good. Topped with clean crispy bacon that adds to the positive crunch factor throughout this ride. The salty beef plays nicely with the sweet bbq sauce. They calm each other down. Ever had one of those friends? Anywho, the fries are solid and fresh cut with your choice of topping. I love how perfect this burger is. Looks nice, tastes great, quick, easy, no attitude or gimmicks, and fresh! Sign says, “Great Burgers Sold Here.” And I put my stamp of approval on that!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.8   Presentation: 5   Originality: 7

JL Beers, 24 University Ave. NE Suite #100, MPLS; jlbeers.com

Win Tix: Pop Up Magazine

Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 9.37.46 PM

Pop-Up Magazine will be making its Minneapolis-area debut on Nov. 3rd at the Fitzgerald Theater! The inaugural Twin Cities show will feature stories by APM’s homegrown, Peabody-Award winning series In The Dark host Madeleine Baran and senior producer and Samara Freemark.

If you’re not familiar with the show, Pop-Up is a “live magazine” experience featuring multimedia stories told by reporters, writers, radio producers and more. And afterward, performers, producers, and the audience stick around for drinks and conversation. The November 3rd show at the Fitzgerald Theater includes:

Madeleine Baran & Samara Freemark, Host & Senior Producer of APM Reports’ In the Dark
Erin Trieb, Photographer for Time, The New York Times, and ESPN the Magazine
Brooke Jarvis, Contributing writer, The California Sunday Magazine, The New York Times Magazine
Donal Mosher and Mike Palmieri, Filmmakers, October Country, Off Label, Peace in the Valley
and many more!

We want to send some of our readers to this new live mag show! Just reply to this email with the name of your favorite magazine or periodical for a chance to win!

Weekend Recap: More And More Like Portlandia

The weekends go too fast, but here’s a few things we caught that we thought we’d share. Also if you have something to share, email us and we’ll send it out next week if you want. Sort of like Nextdoor but without all the missing pets. 

Bike Lane Protests

Ok, try to follow this. A joke protest of the bike lanes on 26th and 28th in MPLS started on Facebook. Then two dozen or so pro-car anti-bicycling people took it seriously and they showed up with signs, including signs that said “Nazi Lane”, which is incredibly dumb since actual Nazis are an increasing problem. But also then yesterday pro-bike lane advocates, possibly even more in number, rode in support of the lanes. Sheesh! Bike lanes!

Zombie Pub Crawl Small Shows

We mentioned last week that the annual Zombie Pub Crawl had headliners like T-Pain and Third Eye Blind, but the best part of the party turned out to be the small club shows where we caught both Neon Blaque (at Prive) and Symone Smash It (at Byte). We expect them to be really big deals in the music scene for 2018—be sure to catch them up close before that happens! Also, btw, the folks commenting that ZPC only books men performers as headliners, it’s pretty much true if you go through the last three years of posters.

Brews & Stews

Fall events are a close second to events in the dead of winter as our favorites, but food truck events are absolutely last in the rankings. While it was a beautiful Saturday morning to learn more about Rank Choice Voting by sampling stews from food trucks on Chicago Avenue for the first ever Brews & Stews, food trucks had their regular menus going as well, meaning it became—as always—a wait in line for a food truck festival. One truck, one or two food items. That’s how it has to work. The Utepils Glocal IPA made the wait a little easier, but not by much.

Win Tix: Paul Weller—A Kind Revolution Tour

Screenshot 2017-10-12 at 12.54.45 PM

Friday, October 13, 2017
Pantages Theatre

One of the most influential and enduring songwriters of all-time, Weller remains among the most celebrated awarded musicians in British music history. His virtuosity as a guitarist and an immediately recognizable soul-inspired vocalist, his trademarks are second to none. As a live attraction, Weller and band are a force of nature not to be missed. Come see the legendary artist this Friday at Pantages Theatre! Tickets.

We know there’s a lot of Weller fans amongst you regular punk rock readers, so we want to send someone to the Modfather show on us. Just reply with your favorite Weller track for a chance to win!