Local TV News Pop Quiz Answers: If You Can’t Stand The Heat!


Here’s the only one we made up today, and you can tell that it’s made up since the Ridgedale Library is actually closed right now for renovations.

One parent arrested after altercation at Ridgedale Library storytime

Local New Pop Quiz Answers: Do We Really Need It?


They’re all real. Somehow. If you can believe it.

Local News Pop Quiz Answers: Watch Out!


Here’s the answer, again, probably a previous headline at some point, but not this week!

Neighbor’s canned rhubarb sends 3 to hospital

Local News Pop Quiz Answers: Post-State Fair Malaise


All of these today could’ve been made up, tbh. Or they all could be all-too real. Here’s the only one that’s not real (yet!).

Many venues getting ready to shut down to the public for Super Bowl parties

Local News Pop Quiz Answer: End of The Fair Is Nigh

We wish it was the one about violent cops, but it’s not, it’s:

Readers Poll: Best Bathrooms At The Fair (Even Some Secret Ones!)