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Walk Like a Subcaucus


It’s really dark days out there, but one of the absolute best things any of us can do is get more involved in the relative accessibility and sanity of MPLS + STPL city politics in their caucuses. That said, anything new can be a little intimidating, and that’s why you can learn all about your sub/caucuses tonight at Walk Like a Subcaucus: Learn How To Give More Shits at LynLake Brewing from MPLS politicos who’ve worked on both local and national campaigns. It’s going to be fun, there’s beer, and you’ll take away all the info you need to be effective in the political process next week. 6-9 PM. Free.Hank Stacks

LynLake Brewing, 2934 Lyndale Ave S, MPLS;

Twincy Cheat Sheet: What’s Working, What Maybe Isn’t

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places here in MPLS + STPL, so we’ve put together this list of stuff that we’re using as talking points this week and sharing them with you to pretend like they’re you’re own.

Who: Minnesota United

We’re closely following the MN United Football Club aka MN UFC, since we’ve been hearing good things about how fun the org’s pre-parties and games are. But. The soccer team, true to Minnesnowta sports tradition, is super terrible—they’re setting records for how many goals they’re giving up in their 0-1-3 record. Also true to local sports culture, they’ve got legislative support to get tax exemptions on their stadium.

What: Recliners at Willow Creek Theaters

When you spend as much time watch film, as many of us do here in Twincy: FilmTown™, seating can be important. We made the hike out to Plymouth to check out the remodeled seating at Willow Creek Theaters to see LOGAN and Kong: Skull Island (hey, if you going that far out might as well spend the day, right?), and the plush easy chairs with raised footrests totally delivered. It’s going to be hard to go back to regular stadium seating!

When: May 27th & 28th for the Memory Lanes Block Party

One of our favorite block parties of the extensive BP season, the whole thing is $5 and the two-day affair is especially stacked on Sunday, with Dillinger Four, Monica LaPlante, and an indoor stage hosted by Nato Coles.

Where: Northeast tap rooms during Art-a-Whirl

Lots of the Northeast MPLS brewery scene have announced their parties during this year’s Art-a-Whirl, like Dangerous Man doing a Beard-a-Whirl and Indeed Brewing’s Whirly Gig and the Liquid Zoo at Bauhaus Brewing. As these parties get bigger, NEMAA seems to get less and less of a handle on the whole weekend, and we’re not sure, despite being such an ardent supporter and celebrant of years’ past, that we’re all that excited for this year’s Art-a-Whirl. Are you excited for Art-a-Whirl or are you just going to skip this year? Let us know.

Why: Repealing IRV in STPL

Ranked-choice voting aka instant runoff voting opponents are trying to get the newish voting process, which was put in place in St. Easy in 2009, withdrawn. We agree that’s it’s too early to repeal the process, especially since it seemed to work well in MPLS. We’re also of the opinion that it’s important to look at who supports IRV, and we typically agree with IRV supporters.

The Wanderers


Although released in 1979, the cult classic story of Bronx street gangs The Wanderers captures 1963 to a tee, from the nascent rock ‘n’ roll, teenage trouble, constant ethnic gang rumbles, and more. A sort of precursor to more well known gang fight film The Warriors from the same year, The Wanderers is as much about its earlier time period as its heavily conflicted subjects, making it a high point for The Trylon’s Timepieces series. Monday, Tuesday,  7 & 9:15 PM. $8.Curt Stanski

Trylon Microcinema, 3258 Minnehaha Ave, MPLS;

Moonsault Mondays

Fallen Heroes

MPLS + STPL are in the midst of a great return to our northern wrastlin’ roots, and Mondays are the night to get in on the top rope fun. Stop in to Grumpy’s Downtown at 10 PM (they’ll have RAW on before that, too) to watch classic wrestling matches, hear DJs spinning face-smashing tunes, and drink MN beers for half price until you tap out. And that’s the bottom line . . . 9 PM. Free.Sandler Genett

Grumpy’s Bar & Grill, 1111 Washington Ave S, MPLS;

Price Points: Good + Boujee


The very first publications were basically just lists of prices for the necessities you would buy throughout a market; that’s what we’ve got here, some of the costs throughout MPLS + STPL. If we had the time, we’d include this in every newsletter! All costs are in American dollars.

Tullibee at the Hewing Hotel
Lefse $14
Fingerlime, radish, rabbit belly
Wild Acres Duck $30
Sauce of grilled bones, walnut, beet

Bouillabaisse $28
Sea bass, mussels, clams, baguette, rouille
Cauliflower Roti $17
Capers, brown butter, raisins, madras curry, lemon
Escargots en Croute $14
Burgundy snails, garlic & parlsey butter, puff pastry

Can Can Wonderland
Mini-golf round $12
Old Fashioned Mastadon $11
Indeed Stir Crazy $5

VANS Warped Tour
Canterbury Park, July 23rd $38

Sublime with Rome
First Avenue, July 19th $35

Night Moves + Black Eyed Snakes + Mike Munson

night moves

John Pelant and his Night Moves partner in crime Micky Alfano write damn good synthy pop songs, and they make damn good videos, too—”Carl Sagan” is one of our favorite local tracks and videos in recent memory. Mid West Music Fest has matched up the melancholy music of Night Moves with the Up Nort’ fuzzed out blues sounds of Sparhawk and his Black Eyed Snakes and throwback blues man Mike Monson for a killer bill to put some musical fun in your weekend. Friday, 8 PM. $10 advance, $12 door.Paul Cajun

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave W, STPL;

First Look: The Weather Diaries

The Weather Diaries

The American Swedish Institute launches its new stunning show The Weather Diaries with one of its signature fancy castle parties on Friday. Attendees get a sneak peek at the striking photographs and one-of-a-kind installations, plus you’ll hear a robust discussion on “(Re)Framing Northern Identities”, live music by electronic dreammakers RONiia, the Textile Center leading some fiber-based jewelry making, some extra heat from the 612 Sauna Society, and of course the food and drinks from the award-winning FIKA. Friday, 6:30-11 PM. $15 ASI members, $20 non-members.Margeaux Devereaux

American Swedish Institute, 2600 Park Ave, MPLS;