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The verdict is in: Johnny Northside must pay damages

… to the tune of $60,000 [via Strib]: “The jury reached its verdict at 11 a.m. Friday. It determined that Hoff must pay [former Jordan Area Community Council executive director Jerry] Moore $35,000 in damages for loss of wages and… Continue Reading →

Are Bloggers Liable for Others’ Comments? Judge in Johnny Northside Trial Says No

Yesterday we mentioned the defamation trial of Northside blogger John Hoff, aka The Adventures of Johnny Northside. Today the trial is getting larger attention in part because of the connection to the First Amendment and also this morning’s arguments surrounding… Continue Reading →

Verdict Against Northside Blogger Upheld

You might remember earlier this year when John Hoff, who blogs at The Adventures of Johnny Northside, ended up on the losing end of a court case in which he was sued for libel. Despite finding that Hoff’s blogging, which… Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to Northside Blogs

With the trial of Johnny Northside raising the profile of blogging in/about the Northside, a lot of us were lost on who was who in their online and IRL skirmishes. To help us all out, author of North by Northside… Continue Reading →

Blogging Still Going Strong in North Minneapolis

Jon Tevlin at the STrib takes a look at the defamation lawsuit against John Hoff, aka blogger Johnny Northside. The trial is just one episode in a larger series of blog-based sagas (for lack of a better word) in and… Continue Reading →

Pothole Season is Upon Us

I’ll use this Johnny Northside post about the craters in Washington Avenue to welcome everyone to the Twin Cities season right after the holidays: pothole season! Yes, Washington Avenue by Broadway is bad, but Nicollet Avenue around 36th is also… Continue Reading →

Running through North Minneapolis

Looking for cool places to run in North Minneapolis? Johnny Northside suggests the North High School track, Jordan Pond, and Victory Drive. The track for North High is not located at North High itself, but quite a distance away. It’s… Continue Reading →

Down with the Thug Huggers

Having taken on the mission of exposing the full gamut of criminals in North Minneapolis, Johnny Northside isn’t too keen in those defending them. Here’s an excerpt from Sunday’s blog post: In the last couple years of intense blogging I’ve… Continue Reading →

At What Point Does the City Step in to Clean up after its Citizens?

The Adventures of Johnny Northside shows us the tremendous amount of trash gathered on a one-block Eco-Village tour. ALL of this trash came from walking around one square block. Most of it was in the street or jammed into storm… Continue Reading →

The In Crowd – kind of

Although he hopes to leave his office (to run for governor, of course) before the end of his term, R.T. Rybak was sworn in for a third term as Minneapolis mayor. Creating jobs will be the city’s most important task… Continue Reading →

Local Blog Roundup 10.26.09

Johnny Northside checks out some North Minneapolis art Overheard introduces us to somebody who is not going to be happy this winter Things I found at the Thrift Store looks at how to start a thrift store SingleSpeed offers up… Continue Reading →