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The verdict is in: Johnny Northside must pay damages

to the tune of $60,000 [via Strib]:

“The jury reached its verdict at 11 a.m. Friday. It determined that Hoff must pay [former Jordan Area Community Council executive director Jerry] Moore $35,000 in damages for loss of wages and an additional $25,000 for emotional distress. The jury did not answer questions on the verdict form regarding whether Moore was defamed by Hoff’s blog post.”

Are Bloggers Liable for Others’ Comments? Judge in Johnny Northside Trial Says No

Yesterday we mentioned the defamation trial of Northside blogger John Hoff, aka The Adventures of Johnny Northside. Today the trial is getting larger attention in part because of the connection to the First Amendment and also this morning’s arguments surrounding comments on blogs. Can blog and website owners can be libel for the comments, including comments that go through the approval process before showing up? TC Daily Planet’s Shelia Regan, who’s at the trial, just tweeted that “Judge rules John Hoff can’t be held libel for comments on his blog unless it’s proven he wrote them”.

From the reports I’ve heard and read, it sounds like this trial might go the whole week, so it will be interesting to see what other issues are raised in court.

Verdict Against Northside Blogger Upheld

You might remember earlier this year when John Hoff, who blogs at The Adventures of Johnny Northside, ended up on the losing end of a court case in which he was sued for libel. Despite finding that Hoff’s blogging, which sought for Jerry Moore to lose his job at the U of M, was truthful in what was said, the judge in the case ruled that Johnny Northside must pay¬†Moore “$35,000 in damages for loss of wages and an additional $25,000 for emotional distress”.¬†Hoff quickly appealed the verdict, which may have ramifications for other suits brought against bloggers and push button publishers, but yesterday a judge upheld the ruling.

A Beginner’s Guide to Northside Blogs

With the trial of Johnny Northside raising the profile of blogging in/about the Northside, a lot of us were lost on who was who in their online and IRL skirmishes. To help us all out, author of North by Northside and one time contributor to The Adventures of Johnny Northside Jeff Skrenes wrote up a great guide to Northside blogs in two parts (pt.1, pt.2).

Blogging Still Going Strong in North Minneapolis

Jon Tevlin at the STrib takes a look at the defamation lawsuit against John Hoff, aka blogger Johnny Northside. The trial is just one episode in a larger series of blog-based sagas (for lack of a better word) in and around North Minneapolis.

I won’t pretend to know all the details of all the accusations from all parties involved because it gets really complicated. So instead of a summary, if you want to start getting up to speed, check out the Adventures of Johnny Northside, the oppositional MisAdventures of Johnny Northside, Irving Inquisition, Hawthorne Voices, the (anti-)Jordan Hawkman group, the Mpls Mirror, and recently the Deets. You’ll quickly find out which blogs make a little more sense than others. Who said blogging was dead?