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Electric Western Dance Night

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Boys Noize + Marijuana Deathsquads + Sloslylove

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Burger Hunter: Lyn 65

Mike S. eats more burgers in a weekend than we do during both primaries and he also documents his meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram. We love his work (how does he not have his own show for this?), so we convinced the Hunter to share some of his patty places with you, our hungry readership.

South of the cities doesn’t always mean Southdale. This hunt takes us crosstown to LYN 65 Kitchen & Bar in Richfield, MN. It’s located in a strip mall just down from a place that would put your rock collection to complete shame. The Chicago Diner Burger gives you the option of going single or double and folks don’t even think about it—go big! The inspiration behind this burger is the famous Au Cheval in Chicago. Their real game no gimmicks approach to the greatest sandwich on earth set the stage for “basic” being not so boring after all. Starting with the bun; it’s soft, fresh, and perfect firmness for handling this juicy masterpiece. The meat is sensational. Sus of some short rib grinding in. You can’t get that kind of flavor without some high ranking cut making a cameo in your meat party. It’s smothered with American Kraft and is just savage. Comes with pickles and shallots and I added the bacon, of course. There’s a wonderful spread that adds a lovely flavor extension. Most likely it’s mayo mixed with mustard. Whatever it is it’s an OTP (one true pairing). The burger is a handful and will leave a couple kisses (grease spots) on your clothes if you’re not careful. The fries are hand-cut and simply wonderful. Oh oh oh the staff is so so sweet and the cocktails are v crafty! Get it in ya!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.3   Presentation: 7   Originality: 7

Lyn 65, 6439 Lyndale Ave S, MPLS; lyn65.com

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Weekend News & Notes: Strong Competition

Our weekends are collectively a gauntlet of different arts and culture events, and we occasionally like to share a few observations from our efforts with you.

On Friday night Lowertown was even hotter than the temp gauges were reading. With the free Lowertown Blues (now Blues and Funk) Festival filling up the park with boomers in hiking sandals and BBQ, and the Saints playing a home game, St. Easy’s usually replete parking had very few spots open. The best part of the neighborhood visit? The underrated Insight Brewing serving $4 pints in front of the beautifully remodeled Black Dog Cafe, which now has a much better performance layout (which local legend Big George Jackson and his guitarist filled up). Saturday’s rain kept everyone home until the first rays broke through at exactly 5:05 PM and then all the revelers filed in to the block parties and fests. Surly’s campus was full for Dr. Dog, maybe not as full as for the earlier Ed Sharpe, but that location’s logistic (especially if you bike) and acoustics are making it a top-tier outdoor music destination. As predicted, the East Lake Open Streets installment was one of the better Open Streets so far, with bikes and walker and lots of strollers. The Hi-Lo Wonderland party brought in a huge crowd for the pie eating contest, and as the MC pointed out during the kids’ heat, there’s nothing more Minnesotan in summer than stuffing your face full of warm pie in the direct sun in a scorching parking lot.

Burger Hunter: Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill

Somewhere wedged between Minnetonka and Maple Grove is a town that’s known for a playhouse and a lake filled with medicine. Plymouth is the 7th largest city in Minnesota and plays host to the Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill. It’s kinda like the Fountain of Middle Age. The Match dot com app runs heavy up in here. The menu is strong and arguably the beginnings of pin drop sitch. Anyways, the Bacon Cheeseburger is why we came in the first place. It’s all Angus, 💯. 1/2 pound of fine flavor, tasting the the grill and the flame char on the outer and getting that smooth clean med beef inner. The bun is grilled, semi-soft and fresh. Suh, add the bacon as it will always add and never take away (from the flavor). Pro-tip: bacon is commonly known to be a dominant ingredient but paired with a burger it brings out more flavor in the meat. No distractions here besides maybe that manther preying on the puma at the bar. (But in all seriousness it’s a good crowd.) Top your burger off with your choice of cheese and if you can’t decide always go cheddar, they have a good one. Melt factor is off-the-chart! Oh, and let’s clear the air on one little thing… When you order, it’s not “I’ll just have the burger.” It’s, “I’d love to try your burger!” No shame in your burger game… Go!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 7.9   Presentation: 6   Originality: 6

Sunshine Factory Bar & Grill, 4100 Vinewood Ln N, Plymouth; esunshinefactory.com

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