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Northern Exposure: Beyond the Divide

Beyond the Divide

Boldy James & M. Stacks with Finding Novyon + St. Paul Slim + 50 Tyson

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Burger Hunter: Cooper

If you are looking for a perfect setting to show off your new groutfit, look no further than Cooper Pub. You’ll contrast nicely in this Euro styled restaurant in the heart of St. Louis Park. Here lies The Vincent Burger. No it’s not dead, it’s alive and doing quite well. It’s timeless just like the atmosphere. Thankfully Vincent Francoual, chef and founder of Vincent A Restaurant, agreed to join Cara Irish Pubs (the mothership of Cooper Pub) as their Culinary Director. So the legacy lives on, folks. This burger is as good—or maybe even slightly better!—than it was before. That’s a big claim, so I’ll let you decide for yourself. The meat is a mix of ground beef and pulled braised short rib. So tasty. Infused into the burger is a smoked Gouda that’s sus of Dutch beginnings. Way way good. A fab gherkins sauce is spread on an egg bun making for the flavor ride of your life. Topped with LTO & this thing is James Worthy of an International prize. It’s TD, go get one! You’ll love the aesthetic—Vincent Burger your new home looks very good on you!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.7   Presentation: 9   Originality: 10

Cooper Irish Pub, 1607 Park Pl Blvd, St Louis Park;

MN Orchestra Free Concert

Free Outdoor Concerts

Symphony for the Cities has been a Minnesota Orchestra tradition for more than 40 years, with the Orchestra devoting a week each summer to performing free outdoor concerts for the community. Please join us for this magnificent summertime music-making! Each performance lasts approximately one hour. | 612.371.5656

Northern Spark By The Numbers

Last weekend’s Northern Spark packed in a lot of artsy action into spots like the Guthrie and West River Parkway. Thanks to everyone who hung out and had food and Fulton beers at the launch party! The festival just released some numbers which are pretty interesting, so we thought we’d share:

Number of attendees: More than 34,000
Number of projects: 43
Individual minutes spent in the Night Library: 36,000 page views: 113,579
#nspk16 and #northernspark images on Instagram: 1,784
Length of thunderstorm: 2:26 AM – 2:53 AM

The Weekend Starts Now, S2 Ep 9: Jackson O’Brien + Steve Horton + Luke Kyle

The Weekend Starts Now podcast taped the ninth show of its second season at Indeed Brewing Company‘s Ox Room on Tuesday, June 16. This weekly podcast is a joint project of the Heavy Table and Secrets of the City, and it covers art, music, food, drink, culture, and more in the Upper Midwest.

You can follow and listen to the show on Soundcloud, or play the show by following the links below. And you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. You can also hear the whole episode here!

The Weekend Starts Now is brought to you by Indeed Brewing Company. Indeed Brewing Company cultivates an artfully eclectic lineup of distinctive flagship beers, well-loved seasonal releases, and adventurous specialty brews from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. Indeed Brewing: We’re not just brewing beer, We’re crafting experiences. We are thirsty creatures, Indeed. There’s more to explore

Wherein James and Taylor talk about summer festival fatigue (and Bastille Day!).

Peace Coffee’s head barista talks brewing, fair trade, and the city’s murderous construction season.

Steve Horton (of the upcoming Bakers’ Field) and Luke Kyle (of Draft Horse) on artisan food and the challenges of setting up a modern-day milling operation.

LSD Flight Night at Indeed, Stone Arch Festival, and more!

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