We love a good schlocky throwback movie, no doubt. But we also get fired up—very fired up—for a top notch buzzworthy potential contemporary masterpiece in the making hitting theaters for the first time. That’s exactly what’s happening with Roma, a… Continue Reading →

Sat // Post-Patriarchal Feminism: Visions of Optimism and Illusion

The future is unquestionably female, and while we are so here for a couple more years of badass grandma steez, it’s more than time for a post-pussy hat paradigm. Burlesque of North America’s new must-see show brings together acclaimed local… Continue Reading →

Fri // Made Here Launch Party

No one in MPLS + STPL does Consistency awards instead of Best Of awards, including us. But maybe we should! Consistently rock solid contributors to our hometowns Arts & Culture scene add a great deal of character to spots that… Continue Reading →

More Weekend Happenings

Need some holiday present ideas? Tape Freaks have you covered at their Big Holiday Sale and Mystery Movie Party at Carleton Lofts. [INFO] All the garage rock fans will flock to rock the Garagey Lil’ Holiday Festival 2, just look at this… Continue Reading →

Sat // Eleganza! presents ‘Exile on 7th Street’

Did you hear that Keith Richards stopped drinking? That same sort of shock and disbelief is exactly how felt when we heard local boys in Eleganza! would be playing all of the Stones’s masterpiece Exile on Mainstreet. Once the reality of… Continue Reading →

Sat // Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret & Burlesque’s Final Shows

The talented performers behind (and talented performers’ behinds!) in Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret & Burlesque were some of the first to openly expose MPLS + STPL audiences to burlesque into the bars and clubs. And after 15 years of live music,… Continue Reading →

Fri // Neon Camp Guava Sour Crowler Release

This whole time Eastlake was distracting us with their ultra-cool (and honestly ultra-collectible) localized Major League Baseball designs, they were brewing up a batch of extra-adventurous sour beer. Get a taste—and then a crowler—of their new Neon Camp, a “modern… Continue Reading →

Tues // Video Vortex: Satan Claus is Coming to Town

If a guy who watches you all year and then ritually breaks into your house (and makes out with your mom while he does it) sounds darker than Santa’s soot-covered boots, we’ve got a movie screening for you. The schlock-lovers… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Chromeo (DJ Set)

We can’t have nice things if we don’t take care of them, and it’s shocking—shocking!—that there are still tickets left to Thursday’s Amplitude where Chromeo, the top funksters in the game right now, will be doing a DJ set. (We… Continue Reading →

Tues // Books & Bars MPLS: Kitchen Confidential

Drive by the Sample Room in Northeast and you’ll see Mr. Kitchen Confidential’s testimonial for the restaurant draped over the side of the building, itself also a testament for the wide-ranging impact of chef/traveler/advocate Anthony Bourdain. Celebrate the salty noodle… Continue Reading →

More Weekday Happenings

Much like our newsletter, the Trylon is in the middle of a black and white series of absolute classics like the timeless Paul Newman-Jackie Gleason classic The Hustler. [TIX] Guitar slangin’ dynamo Samantha Fish is back in town and burning… Continue Reading →

Weds // Sheila E.

You know what, do it. We’re saying it. Get the VIP. Treat yourself. We here in MPLS + St. Squeazy know pop music phenom Sheila E. from her days as a Prince protégé—she even did vocals on “Erotic City” and opened the… Continue Reading →