Weds // The Rolling Thunder Review 2019 Lit Launch & Black Rock Matters

Look, it’s probably going to snow a bunch again—we love it. The inclement weather gives us a legit excuse to find somewhere great to hole up and hunker down, and this week that place is the Turf Club, with the… Continue Reading →

Canceled // Panel Discussion: The Feminist Strip Club

Regular Readers know we’re huge fans of both under-shared history, especially from here, and racy performance, so it’s no surprise we’re pumped up to hear some experts talk through the historical and social context of erotic dance and strip clubs… Continue Reading →

Weds // Trash Film Debauchery: C ME Dance

Just try to get through the trailer for C ME Dance—the latest installment of Trash Film Debauchery’s Christian Scare Series—without laughing. Then think, if that’s just the trailer, imagine how amazing the whole film will be. Wednesday, February 20th, 7 PM…. Continue Reading →

Weds // Hewing Artist Exhibit feat. Shannon Estlund

We didn’t think it was possible for the ultra-swank Hewing hotel to get more hip, but now the North Loop hot spot has brought in the always excellent Kolman & Pryor gallery in Northeast to curate some artwork. Walk over—or… Continue Reading →

Tues // Bright Side Full Moon Party

We’re officially in the doldrums of Winter, that terrible stretch between the excitement of the New Year and St. Patrick’s Day where the berms are high and hard, the snow is dirty, and the frigid air bites your nose. Time… Continue Reading →

Third Thursday: Afrofuturism

To celebrate Black History Month, the Mia brought in the multi-talented artist Junauda Alma Petrus to curate their Third Thursday, and there’s almost too much good stuff in the Afrofuturism lineup to list. But highlights include: Live performances in the galleries, poetry… Continue Reading →

More Weekend Happenings

The Walker and many, many musicians gather to celebrate 40 plus years of jazz by Pulitzer Prize-winner Henry Threadgill through music; It’s a must-attend for any music fans. FRI-SAT. All the ska fans have a very exciting weekend with The… Continue Reading →