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Quick Q+A: Amy Jo + A Way To Go

Amy Jo and TOOTH make up the righteously talented screen printing twosome Who Made Who. The duo “first bonded over a love of vintage catalogs, spicy food, and noisy Rock & Roll” and it certainly comes through in their work.

We’ve been a big fan of theirs for some time now, and in anticipation of the closing artist reception for their current A Way To Go: Amy Jo & TOOTH this Saturday, September 24th from 6-10 PM at the very cool Hamilton Ink Spot, we sent Amy Jo some quick questions so our readers can also get in on the love.

Secrets of the City: Why makes screen prints so appealing? The flat aesthetic? The flexibility of the medium? The price point?

Amy Jo: “People love flat things.” I think Andy Warhol said that. There is an element of craft to screen printing by hand that a machine just can’t duplicate.
A digital print might look nice and be a bit cheaper, but if you want something that cost the blood, sweat, and tears of an artist, buy a screen print.

Is it fair to say that MPLS + STPL has a big screen printing scene? Do you see yourself as a part of it? How did you get into it?

The Twin Cities has a huge design community and along with that I think comes a shared love of screen printing. There is something very charming about screen printing. It’s tedious and kind of clunky, but also very beautiful.

I started screen printing posters in 2001 for First Ave, Triple Rock, The Dinkytowner, and showing prints at Hair Police and the Hexagon Bar. TOOTH relocated to MPLS in 2007 and shortly after that, Who Made Who was born.

Is Who Made Who an AC/DC reference?

Busted. “Who Made Who, ain’t nobody told you?” (Although we are #teamBonScott). It made sense for us to have a name that references both rock and roll and maker culture.

A Way to Go is a collection of art prints, test prints, and rare screenprints by Amy Jo & TOOTH. Join us for an artist talk and a letterpress make and take of an exclusive new design. 

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September + October Ad Spots

Want to reach out to the thousands of creative, active, wry, and often sarcastic Secrets of the City readers? We’ve got some September spots left and we’re starting to fill up some of October’s ad spots, but we’d like to get your message out, too! All you have to do is email us and we’ll talk shop. Join our growing list of some of the coolest orgs and events in MPLS + STPL that uses us for advertising!

Burger Hunter: 112 Eatery

Mike S. eats more burgers in a weekend than we do during all the Open Streets events all summer, and he also documents his meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram. We love his work (how does he not have his own show for this?), so we convinced the Hunter to share some of his patty places with you, our hungry readership.

Downtown Minneapolis has always had a few great burgers. Some have come, some have gone but we’re certain this one is here to stay! This hunt takes us to none other but the fantastically eclectic 112 Eatery. There you’ll find the 112 cheese burger. Let me just stop right there… Folks, yes of course you should try the burger at a place like this. If their foie gras is soooo spectacular than what do you think they’re going to do with the greatest sandwich ever invented? Yes…..! That is correct, they’re going to knock it out of the park. And 112 does just that. The burger is big, it’s 1/2lb and thick. Sus of prime beginnings. The mix has egg, thyme, butter and caramelized onion in it. Making for a medium density. Which is perfecto for a medium to rare cook. The flavor is rich and hella savory! Ok now to what I believe really makes this burger stand out. Served on a semi toasted English muffin. It’s buttery light crunch makes all the difference. FR, it does. The cheese on the burger is Brie. It’s soft, milky and works quite nicely. Absolutely in love with the 112 cheese burger. TBH it will probably get a few votes for POTUS. Oh and beware of the slight zombie vibe, you’ll know what I mean.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.3   Presentation: 8   Originality: 9

112 Eatery, North 3rd St, MPLS;

Twincy Cheat Sheet: Civil Discourse

Between the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places, there’s just too much going on to keep track of, so here’s a few talking points to start off your week and get your prepped for your back-to-work happy hour.

Who: Chef Sean Sherman, The Sioux Chef

Dang, we knew the Sioux Chef was popular, but this is big news: Sean Sherman, who’s become a driving force in Indigenous cuisine just successfully kickstarted the most backed restaurant project on the platform ever. 2,358 backers will be helping get things going, and we’re not going to be surprised when Chef’s Table on Netflix, which you have to watch, shows up.

What: The big Prince Tribute, which is happening

Honestly, from what we’d heard murmured around town, we didn’t think there’d be any big Prince tribute this go around, thanks to some missed contracts and such. So it’s probably a good thing that Stevie Wonder, Chaka Chan, and Morris Day will be playing at the Xcel Energy Center with a big group of people we’re not at all interested in, like John Mayer and Christina Aguilera.

When: Teen-tober

We will be adding -tober to everything for the next month, FYI. Regular readers know we love the Trylon micro-cinema for their mix of highbrow (like the early films of Mike Leigh, still showing) and lowbrow, like the upcoming Teens Save the Planet showings all October that includes The Lost Boys, Fright Night, the absolute must-see masterpiece Night of the Comet, the more recent Attack the Block, and of course “Wolfman’s got nards” in The Monster Squad.

Where: The Grinkie Circus

On October 8th, Harriet Brewing will be transformed by the Grinkie Girls Pin ups and the MPLS Beard & Moustache Club into a hip and huirsuite all day party. There’s fun for everyone during the day, including a pets and kids beard competition, and then some more adult fun with a pin up contest and fire circus. Only $10!

Why? (Because they’re awesome.): Meritage Staff stop assault

It’s the story we heard the most this weekend—when Meritage Chef Russell Klein heard someone punch his girlfriend in an argument outside the restaurant, Klein stepped in to stop the fight, and Dining Room Manager Alex Seide also got punched. Good on them! We’ll take this as a time to remind you about the upcoming Oysterfest, which is also awesome.

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