Here’s Your Weekend Checklist

[  ]  Be one of the first people to check out the brand new art space in St. Easy, Gallery B, at their Grand Opening reception — TIX [  ]  Same goes for the art opening at XIAART in the Little… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Singles

“My dad left home when I was eight. You know what he said to me? “Have fun, stay single.” I was eight.” There’s nothing that we can say about our many deep feelings about Singles, (1992) Cameron Crowe’s love letter… Continue Reading →

Weds // Andrew Broder & 3703 — a Residency at the End of the World

Easily the buzziest residency so far of 2019 gets even buzzier when contemporary composer Andrew Broder (of Fog and The Cloak Ox) brings in some of his buddies from Marijuana Death Squads and NAEEM (formerly Spank Rock) as well as… Continue Reading →

Weds // Tilt Pinball Bar’s Women’s Only Pinball Tournament

If you’ve ever hung out at a pinball party (say, for example, the Deadpool machine launch party) you know that the pinball scene can often have a lot of carrots in the stew. To help ladies of all experience levels… Continue Reading →

Thurs // Gothess Presents: 2nd Annual Siouxsie Tribute

We recently saw a discussion around “are there too many tribute shows now?” and the answer is of course yes there’s way too many. But you know what? The rapidly growing crop of cover bands gets us more excited for… Continue Reading →

Sat // Hothouse! Presented by Sarah White and Dj Keezy

In his annoyingly chipper Minnesotan lilt, MPR meteorologist Paul Hutner has declared this a mild winter – but that doesn’t mean the doldrums haven’t set in for some of us. Shake ‘em off and work up a much needed sweat… Continue Reading →

Sat // GRRRL SCOUT: Hawt Sauce Queer Dance Party

The massively popular Grrrl Scout queer dance party is also turning up the temps at their Hawt Sauce-themed January edition. Expect the usual beautiful spectrum of gays from across the metro (leather mommis, baby dykes, nonbinary cuties, and the like)… Continue Reading →