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Whose Healthcare? Debate Screening & Cocktails

Whose healthcare

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Twinc Cheat Sheet: It’s Just A Giant Damn Mess What Is Even Going On

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places here in MPLS + STPL, so we’ve put together this list of stuff that we’re using as talking points this week and sharing them with you to pretend like they’re you’re own.


Who: The heart of the MPLS Democratic Party

Quotes from long-time DFLers in a sort of profile on Jacob Frey and the MPLS mayor’s race by Mpls.St.Paul mag made some waves at the end of last week. The lines, especially Sylvia Kaplan’s “These activists, they’re new, they’re untrustworthy”, show a deep divide between up-and-coming young activists trying to move local politics (which means moving the DFL, who run the show in Twincy) and the established guard who fund everything and have supported long-standing officials. Regardless, will Frey be the next Mayor? We guess doubtful. Since there’s instant runoff voting, we haven’t talked to anyone who has him as a second choice, which really matters.

When: This Saturday at Burgers & Rosé

The Bartmann Group is re-imagining Cafe Maude with Chef Asher Miller and you can check out the spot at their sneak peek this Saturday night. The $32 ticket includes the food and a rosé and red wine tasting, and there’s a cash bar if you want to keep drinking.

Where: Surly’s new pizza place

Speaking of food changes. Did you hear that Surly’s super famous Chef’s Table with Jorge Guzman is closing? Did you hear it’s now going to a Neapolitan pizza spot? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

What: New Coffee shops

Lots of comings and goings in the red hot world of Twincy coffee. We haven’t yet been to Northern Coffee Works (from the folks behind Angry Catfish), we’re planning on a stop soon to Cafe Astoria on Grand by West 7th, we liked the tunes at Wesley Andrews (by MCAD), and we loved the new Botany spot on 38th St that’s down the road from where the new Sisters Sludge will open and Keen Eye will close (as of today). It’s take a few cups of coffee just to get to all these places.

Why: The Bike Lanes vs. Construction debate

If anyone knows the person who said “Hey, we’ve got construction on 26th St and 28th St, let’s fully closed the parallel Franklin a few blocks away”, please let us know so we can dump a (cheap) beer on them. And guess what? You can also support bike lanes and biking while saying the construction is out of control because it is. We recommend that you still go out to stuff, just give yourself an extra 20 minutes if you want to go anywhere.


4th st. block party (3)

4th Street Block Party & Happy Hour

Saint Paul Murals Project @ the M
Thursday, September 28, 5-7 PM

Toast the Minnesota Museum of American Art’s new murals on 4th Street! We’re throwing a block party with live music by Realtree, food truck snacks by Twin Cities Pita, and craft beer from St. Paul’s newest brewery, 12welve Eyes. Step up to the Utopian Podium, enjoy fun and games at the SPARKit mobile trailer, mingle with the mural artists, and much more. Presented in partnership with the City of St. Paul and the Historic Pioneer Endicott, with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The M is located at 141 East 4th Street, St. Paul. The block party will be on 4th Street, between Robert and Jackson Streets. For more:

Summer Beer Dabbler Recap

August: ’tis the season where Oktoberfests and summer shandies can hold hands in happy harmony. Both were poured in plenty at the Summer Beer Dabbler, which returned to CHS Field for its ninth year (who’s already excited for year ten, yeah?). Party guests include 135 breweries and DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, Graveyard Club and Dwynell Roland provided the soundtrack. We sent our beer festival trend correspondent Isabelle Wattenberg so imbibe in the fun and here’s what she (mostly) remembered:

Rainy day dabblers came out poncho-ed, baseball capped and full of energy. We even saw some bare legs; it is the summer Dabbler, so we’ll be damned if we don’t drink in shorts.

Everyone was in a really good mood—attendees and brewers alike. Good vibes all around. Had a bourbon barrel-aged cherry lager that was positively mwa. Seriously smooth imperial stouts too. And Against the Grain from Kentucky, my homeland (well, one of them anyway), had a booth there: v. pleasant surprise.

Pretzel necklaces are getting out of control: string cheese, apple jacks cereal, Ziploc bags of homemade trail mix. Also spotted: one festival-er carrying around a Costco-sized jar of pretzels.

People will clap when you break your sample glass. There’s a reason sample glass coozies are now (smartly) a thing.

The foam ranneth over at several tents: We found ourselves slurping through a frothy sample numerous times. Mayhaps the staff were just in a hurry to get as many pours as possible out before the skies started to open (which they never really did).

One notable newcomer to the brewery booth lineup: spiked sparkling waters. Fizzy, sweet, and alarmingly subtle alcoholic notes.

Quick Q+A: Daniel & The Real Feels + Classic Entertainment

How did local rockers Daniel & The Real Feels develop their die hard fan base? Is it their undeniably classic throwback dancey sound? Their overall good vibes? Daniel’s energetic Jagger-like moves? Likely all of the above, all coated in a generous helping of hot lick magic.

Ahead of Friday’s release party for Daniel & The Real Feels’ new album Classic Entertainment—an accurately named collection of songs that also includes a video for “City Girlfriend” directed by Alec Zender—we sent some Quick Questions over to Daniel Olson and Alec Robertson to hear more about the record, the release show, and their stretching routines.

Secrets of the City: What’s new with Classic Entertainment? Any big departures from the last album or more of the same feel good throwback groove? Please tell us that the new album still has the dance beats to keep your dance-y fans happy!

Dan: With Classic Entertainment we decided to record the majority of the music live, all together in the same room. We recorded with August Ogren who runs this awesome studio called The Petting Zoo in NE Minneapolis. It was a wonderful place for us to tap in to some of the sweaty rock and roll vibe of these songs.

Though we feel a dancey element is still found in this set of tunes, we also gave in to our love of guitar licks and vocal harmonies. We teamed up with our old friend/former bandmate/now producer/mixing master Aaron Sunde who’s got a studio based out of Los Angeles and he mixed and mastered the album. We went for an out-front vocal, high energy sound that hopefully gives a nod to power pop acts of the late 70’s early 80’s . . . we also wanted a sprinkle of a little Rocky Horror on top.

How has years of playing together affected the band and your music-creation process, if at all?

Dan: We all grew up together in Fergus Falls, MN. We tend to get sentimental about that fact and we wanted to create an album that was a true collaboration. We hope the listener can hear those deep roots as they listen to Classic Entertainment. We also brought in some fabulous guest musicians to round out the friends/family open door atmosphere.

Alec: Like Dan said, we all grew up together and we’ve also played in each other’s other projects over the years. We also all write songs on our own which I think helps us to be able to craft songs together in a fun way. I think we all really like approaching the music creation process with a sense of togetherness, goofiness, and friendship that we hope is apparent in all of these songs.

We can’t think of a better fit than D&tRFs plus Worldwide Discotheque for a feel good dance party, but you also teased some surprises, can you give us any hints?

Dan: I think a general air of romance will be wafting about in the air so don’t be surprised if you fall in love while watching some classic entertainment.

Alec: We also have Real Feels beer koozies! Oops. I’m terrible at surprises.

You’ve got a big weekend with the release party and then Ssing Ssing at the Cedar. What’s next after this or will you need a break to rest your hips?

Dan: We can’t wait to be part of the show The Cedar show. We are hoping they take us back with them to South Korea. If that doesn’t pan out we have some shows scheduled in Minneapolis, Fargo, and greater MN this fall.

Alec: I don’t think Dan has ever rested his hips. We are also starting to track for a new EP that should be out this fall so be on the lookout for that.

What’s your favorite feel?

Dan & Alec: The one we got when we received this email from Secrets Of The City . . . JOY.

Oh, those guys! You can catch the release of the new record Classic Entertainment at the Nomad on Friday. Music at 9 PM. $5 door.

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